Movie 🎥 Time

We watch a lot of movies on Quest. We don’t watch any tv. No Netflix, no iPlayer, no streaming. Movies fill in and often become an evening’s entertainment for us. We even bought a screen projector to watch them through.

For the projector, we turned the saloon wall into a movie screen. Bought some white vinyl in a haberdashery in Antigua three years ago and superglued it to velcro. Attached the velcro to the wall. Hmm. That will be an interesting sales pitch if we sell this boat. Only sailing movie buffs need be interested.

Movie-wise, we have cases of DVDs, some bought at home, some bought here. We had to ask Ellie to bring out another DVD drive to account for the different regions. She did. This admittedly is still old-school, but movies on sticks and downloading equals internet data. Always counting data calories here. We’ve exchanged movies with other cruisers in the past, but the stick we downloaded ours onto long corrupted – probably from overuse.

Delph in particular, is really into the movies. Her fave saying, ‘What movie are we watching tonight?’ rings out everyday.

Watching only movies makes us hanker after particular movies, instead of watching whatever’s on Netflix. For a while, for example, Delphine’s had her eye on watching Five Feet Apart. She got interested in it after we’d watched Jane the Virgin at home – all five seasons from March to catching the airing of the last 100th episode this summer.

When I mean we were watching it, I mean I was right there with her watching it too. After all, a story that both honoured and mirrored a Latin America soap opera, the telenovela? It was genius. And during our time watching Jane the Virgin, Delph and I became fans of the actor Justin Baldoni. A macho-looking man rejecting the machismo expected of him was both pretty cool – and different. His TED talk ‘What It Means to Be “Man Enough” breaks it down.

At the time, we heard Justin Baldoni was directing the movie Five Feet Apart. Based on the book of the same name, it’s about two teenagers with Cystic Fibrosis who can’t touch each other in case of cross-infection. They have to stay a maximum of five feet apart.

When we were at Doc’s store in Antigua, Doc asked us to name a movie. Delph came right out with it. Five Feet Apart. I have to admit – I didn’t think he’d have it. Not among Rambo – Last Blood or the X-Men series. Silly me.

Doc smiled at Delph and rooted through a DVD pile behind him. He delivered. He also delivered on The Muppet Movie with Jason Segel, but that’s another story. Jack is shaking his head in disgust right now. He’s still wondering how he married someone into The Muppets.

Anyhow, Delph got her movie. We watched it this week. She loved it. And yesterday I bought her the book. She says the book is much better than the film 😊.