Fifteen 🎈💝

Today we prepare. Prepare for what? Is it the Atlantic crossing? This was after all, the day we long ago had set in our calendars to go: the third week of May. But no, we’re not preparing to go. Not yet.

We have decided that we will decide in the coming days. Yep, we’re so organised, we have decided when we will decide what we’re doing. I can just see Charlie Brown’s face, dealing with his gang of rascalian friends… Sheesh!

Whether we stick to our decision, or not – of course is another matter. I imagine we’ll be watching the weather for another month if we do decide to stay. Mid-June is the time written into Quest’s insurance policy for being out of the Atlantic crossing zone. We double-checked it. In the meantime we are preparing, but not for leaving. This is for a birthday.

I have to go back slightly first. To a year ago. A year ago seems like a few more years than that. A year ago, Lulu had a boyfriend and was 14 going on 18. A year ago, summer was coming to Borth. Lu had a job in the cafe and was making her first money. She’d started her GCSEs – at Penglais school. A year ago was a long time.

Now it’s another birthday. Lulu is turning fifteen. In the meantime, we, as cruel and terrible parents, forced her out of her comfortable teenage bubble. It gets worse. We made her hang out with us. We crossed our fingers and hoped it would be fun. Could we have been more stupid?

I’m kidding. Sort of. We will definitely never forget this last year. One thing is true: we are closer than we were a year ago. I think, in a year’s time, we might remember this last year, crazy with cruising and now Coronavirus, and have some half-decent memories of it. I’ve learned there is literally no more you can ask from teenage bears!

So happy fifteenth birthday Loopy Lu, our beautiful and brilliant kid. Thanks for putting up with us!

Before I go, I’d just like to quote my mum’s joke. This relates to the question of: what to do? I’ll quote Mum exactly. She won’t mind. She wrote it to me the other morning when we were chatting about Quest’s quandary.

Your dilemma reminds me of an old joke: in Moscow there is a Shakespearean Othello on the stage. In the front row sit all the Party officials. Othello is strangling Desdemona and turns to the audience, crying out, ‘What to do? What to do now?’ A fat Party Colonel cant help his excitement and shouts out, ‘F*** her before she gets cold!’ Bad joke really. You have to make a decision and stick to it, otherwise your brains will turn into mush!

Mum has a point. I also love this joke.

First though – a birthday celebration. And if it’s anything like her sister’s birthday card shows, Lulu will be spending it with a sign-writing octopus. And us. Right on.

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