I have an on-and-off relationship with sailing.
Put it down. Pick it up again.
I don’t do it all the time.
If this was an actual relationship,
I think it would be called friends with benefits.

Is there an age where this is no longer appropriate?
An age where it should be encouraged?
Lulu talks about her friends having this same experience.
They are friends
who kiss.
We discuss in the cockpit whether teens should be doing this.
No one thinks they should – except me.
I stare at my sailing gloves. I am wearing pyjamas and sailing gloves.

We sail into a channel with the open ocean on one side,
and an active underwater volcano on the other.
The water is bright blue.
The waves have a fiercer bite.
Quest leans over.

My heart takes off
My stomach bottoms
My legs turns into jelly.

Ronde, Grenada