About Us

Our younger daughter Delphine was born with cerebral palsy. As she developed cataracts at four-years old, our older daughter Lucia broke her elbow and my husband Jack fell ill with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Good times. Following chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a good working knowledge of the inside of our hospital, we locked up and left our house in Wales in July, 2015.

Jack turned to me. ‘Have you got the boat keys?’

I looked back at him. ‘I thought you had the keys.’

The car screeched to a halt. We’d made it a mile down the road before we had to turn around.

After we found the keys, we sailed Quest from Milford Haven to A Coruña, Spain. Then to Portugal. Crossed from Madeira to the Canaries and the Canaries to the Caribbean. After three years, our boat Quest is still in the Caribbean. Jack has a property business that allows him to work semi-remotely. We find ourselves flying home to Wales and spending time there too. Lucia and Delphine are currently attending school in lots of different forms.

Thank you. I do hope you enjoy our story.