About Us

A lot of travel writing seems to concentrate on the extraordinary. Getting to the remote parts of our Earth. Whilst carrying a car. Or crawling with your hands tied behind your back. Mental note: training begins on Monday. In the meantime, this is my quest.

Our younger daughter Delphine was born with cerebral palsy. After she developed cataracts at four-years old, our older daughter Lucia broke her elbow and my husband Jack fell ill with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Three years later, following chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a good working knowledge of the inside of our hospital, we locked up and left our house in Borth, Mid-Wales in July, 2015.

Down the road, Jack turned to me. ‘Have you got the boat keys?’

I looked back at him. ‘I thought you had the keys.’

The car screeched to a halt. We’d made it a mile before we had to turn around.

After we went back, we sailed Quest from Milford Haven to A Coruña, Spain. Then to Portugal. Madeira to the Canaries and the Canaries to the Caribbean. Our boat Quest is still in the Caribbean, though we fly periodically home to Wales. Jack has a property business that allows him to work semi-remotely. Our daughters are a mix of internet and boat-schooled. We also travel to Poland a bit.. since I’m half-Polish.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy our story! Sorry about the occasional moaning (that bit’s me)…