How Is Nature Feeling?

Lulu’s meme of the day: all of this from someone eating a bat. Ouch. Nature bit us on the butt.

I have to ask too: is this just me? I’ll explain. Every afternoon at about 5pm, my chest goes tight. I worry like mad that I’m sick, take some paracetomol and hope I’m just feeling tired from being up early. I go and take my temperature. Normal. Wake up the next morning feeling ok. By late afternoon same thing. Tight chest. Worry.

I tried to do something different tonight. Stuck my head out of the cabin hatch. Nice breeze. All the stars are shining bright. At least nature still looks the same. Indeed, lots of anecdotal reports that nature’s looking better.

Without the usual human activity and traffic emissions, air pollution is significantly down in China for example. Cleaner waters in Venice. More fish life spotted in Cozumel in Mexico. In the area where there were just cruise ships before.

There was a big fish hunting the waters around Questie this evening. How could we tell? The waters splashed like torrential rain. Except the splashing was coming from below. The fish fanned out over the surface. We didn’t see the predator. As quickly as it started, it ended. Then out of nowhere, the water began to boil again.

Jack said, as we were lifting the dinghy at dusk, ‘I feel like going in – to see what’s chasing them.’

I replied, ‘Excellent idea. I cant wait to watch.’

Little did we realise we’ve been practising self-isolation for years! Hanging out with each other all day. Doing boat school with our kids. Not seeing many other people unless we made a direct effort to. OMG. And all the while we prefer to tease each other like The Twits.

Two big schooners are on anchor behind us. One is a tall ship. There are a few tall ships, which tour the Caribbean. Cruise ships for the retro-at-heart, or training ships for young people.

My friend has just been in touch. I tried to take a picture of the ships to show him. It went all blurry. He told me to video instead. Oh right – that works better.

My friend is an ace photographer. He’s also pretty tired at the moment. He’d just come off 60-hours, 5-day extra shifts working the operating theatres at University College London Hospital (UCLH). Usually, my friend’s work revolves around operations. At this very moment though, the UCLH recovery suite has become an intensive care ward for Covid-19. My friend helps to nurse these patients – with staff shortages.

If we could say a prayer for him and his team, I’d be really grateful. Goodnight, dear reader. I wish we can start again in the morning.