Get the Map Out

The beginning of May has finally arrived. April was never going to end. February seemed never to happen. Christmas was three years ago. Last year however, last year is strangely close to us.

This is because we’ve been using September as our marker. Referring back and back to it. September to May. Arrive in the Caribbean in September and leave in May. Sail home. It was a period of time measured as a piece of string. Then, going along this length of string – we imagined the string getting longer. String can do that sometimes. No?

Within this time frame. our calendar revolved around Lu. Lulu see, is set to take her GCSE exams in 2021. At first we wondered whether she could swap back to mainstream school when we went home. As this year has progressed, the idea’s become a pain. She’d be following a different GCSE curriculum back home.

There’s more than one fricking curriculum?? Don’t ask. That means this year would be hard work uncounted for. And she’d need to catch up on two years worth of new material. Who thought swapping back to mainstream was a good idea to begin with? Uhh, sorry. Not all my ideas are good ones.

So instead, we started thinking of eeking another year out in the Caribbean. Before the whole face masks, gloves and life-threatening virus thing. Never mind the money spent on Quest. Even if you didn’t see Quest, but saw our bungalow as a reference, you’d understand. Quest is our money hole. Cash pit. Our beautiful girl. Once we go home – well, we’re done. Sorry Questie. The window of us sailing all together as a family is closed. Secure the storm shutters. Our lives are set to enter a different phase. A levels, Uni. Girls flying (or swimming) away. And it will be time for us to do the bungalow up. Finally. That might be the scariest thing of all.

I’m sorry. I hope I’m not complaining. I don’t mean to sound that way. It’s just we have to decide soon. We’ll need to be ready to leave in three weeks. And we only have a few weeks after that. After the 1st of June, hurricane season closes in – meaning we shouldn’t be travelling across this part of the Atlantic anymore. This is a much smaller window than coming from Europe where you have months to safely cross using the low latitude trade winds.

My brain’s going technical again. Decision-making is so often fraught with technicality – that’s how it feels. Technical might indeed be the word for May. How will things open up? Will they, wont they? Will we have to change the way we live for the foreseeable future?

In this vein, I don’t know if it’s just me, but this month already seems as though it’s racing past. As though we’ll soon be looking back to those lockdown days. Remember when just going outside was a big thing? Ah, the nostalgia.