On the Brink

Today feels as if the UK is on the brink of something. With a new Prime Minister, and a different sort of Prime Minister from what we’re used to – our political climate has changed. Good or bad; it’s yet to be seen, there’s no going back now. And it’s that feeling going forward – anticipation, fear, cliff-edge stuff.

Boris Johnson is an unpredictable man. Charming and careless in equal measure. Brilliance and callous, he is a man packaged up for the full human experience. He loves our country, he has the odd illegitimate child, he is both loved and reviled by the public.

Whether he will be able to deliver Brexit without the supposedly disastrous No Deal consequences is yet to be seen. Whether he can stand up to the EU – both him and his chosen team, whether he can unite this country which has been so deeply divided by dogma and culture, whether he can keep his language politically correct, or whether as Prime Minister he still thinks it appropriate to call women in burkhas letter boxes. Really anything can happen now.

But what Prime Minister Johnson does promise – an enticing and hopeful promise for nation-building, is the formation of a good team.  I’ve read his skill for delegation is masterful. Without the background of micro-management that other Prime Ministers have (cough, cough is that a cold, Theresa May?). We all know there’s nothing worse than a leader who feels they have to manage everything themselves. Historically Johnson‘s strength has been in his faith to let others do the things they’d been hired to do. Add supreme confidence and enthusiasm for this country next. You can see why he is becoming Prime Minister today.

So, we are on the brink of something. Decisions versus Brexit are ready to come to fruition. It’s just not clear if Prime Minister Johnson’s decisions are going to be good decisions or bad decisions. Our breaths are held up like rain clouds about to burst open. The decisions are coming. No one will be able to stop that. 

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