The Mysterious Writer

Warning: this blog contains Jane the Virgin spoilers – but then again, the programme has now ended. If you haven’t already watched it– what are you waiting for? 

The first time Delphine and I watched Jane the Virgin in Marchwe watched four episodes in a row. We haven’t even planned on watching – we just found it randomly one night. For the next few months it has become a big part of our lives. We’ve got joy from watching it and, as with the best stories, it’s made us feel good about our own lives.

Last Thursday was its last episode. We’d caught up with its five seasons by then and were waiting for the finale like everyone else. It was a truly happy ending too – perhaps even a little too happy for our liking. And maybe a tad too much crying. Or we’re not mature enough to appreciate it. But, as promised, the last reveal was delivered – the identity of the show’s narrator. In case you don’t know, the narrator’s rich voice is as much a character on Jane the Virgin as the characters you can see. He is your fellow couch potato buddy, the omniscient narrator. 

So here we go – spoiler alert. The narrator is Jane’s son, Matteo, speaking as a grown-up man. This makes complete sense as Matteo drives the very heart of the programme. The story begins with Jane’s normal life being drawn into a telenovela-type world through his very conception – a mixed-up artificial insemination. It then covers Matteo’s birth and subsequent early years. In this sense, the narrator to be Matteo is justified… if not a very surprising reveal. However, the reveal did offer new possibilities about the whole concept of the programme. And the whole space – time continuum. I mean, who said telenovelas can’t get deep? 

From loving watching telenovelas with her mother and her grandmother, Jane’s life becomes akin to one. Evil crime lords, kidnapped baby, secret identities, a husband coming back from the dead. It is as much tongue-in-cheek as it is oddly comforting to watch. Then, during the duration of the last two seasons, Jane finally embarks on writing the story of her life. She is a writer after all. Her book is accepted for publication. The last line of the show in fact centres on the question – how does Jane end her book? They make the book into a telenovela, Jane reveals to her new husband, Rafael. Of course, my friends!

So, with an adult Matteo being the narrator, does this mean that the programme we’ve been watching is actually this telenovela from Jane’s book? In which case, the characters are not the real characters from Jane the Virgin but actors playing them many years later? A small thing perhaps. I’ve been wondering it for awhile. At the very end of the finale, Jane turns to the camera and winks. The fourth wall is broken. Wait! Who is the real Jane? We will never know. She remains the mysterious writer.

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