For Delphine

I’m going to practise some positive thought. If it kills me. This one is for Delphine.

You are going to kick ass this year, Delphine. You are going to read. And you’re going to read on your own. You’re going to write. You’re going to write a lot. With enthusiasm. And lots of adjectives. Plus, when you write, you’re not going to worry how every word is spelt. Or is it spelled? Sorry 😊 Couldn’t help it.

You’re going to love learning, my darling. Ok, love might be pushing it a bit. Certainly in your vocabulary. But you will enjoy it. Oh yes, you will enjoy learning. Why will you enjoy it? Umm, let me think.

Oh yeah, you’re going to enjoy learning because I said so. Oh doh, not that reason. Let me think again. Remember, be positive.

Oh, I got it! You are a curious person, Delphine. And witty. Plus, left to your own devices, you don’t suffer any fools. I feel sorry for the fools around you. You also have determined interest in the things you’re interested in. Obsessive even. This includes Barbies. Colouring apps. Drawing. Dancing. Nothing stops you when you’re in.

There is nothing you can’t do, Delphine. Sorry about the double negative. You can do anything. You will do everything. I have a favour to ask – just one thing. Could we please laugh while you’re working this year? Laughing is my favourite thing to do. And I don’t want to worry about you this year. I don’t want that feeling while we’re working at Quest’s saloon table. The one I used to have. That overwhelming worry one – yeah, that’s the one. It’s the suckiest.

Dammit, I still have to be positive. This is my most important quest of all – for you my beautiful, inspiring little weasel. Let’s go.

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