Fingers and Toes

Sunday afternoon. Where napping is heaven. We should probably go out and experience the world, but meh. The bed looks nicer. Not sure about our Chewie though!

As well as finding old Star Wars masks courtesy of my cousin Kristian, it took us all day to store hundreds of things in Quest’s nooks and crannies. Jack’s medicine is now under the floor. Antibiotics stored in the cabinet. Oilies are in the hanging closet, mid-layers under the other floor. Dive gear put away in the lazarette. Cozzies in the storage bucket. All the ensigns in the flag bag. I’ve got some more Celtic dragons to get stripped by the seasonal winds again. Jack’s covered the electronics. Packing and unpacking. Just writing about it makes me want to sleep.

But wait, what’s that dripping sound? It’s started to rain! Sunday rain? Ohhh, it does feel like home! Funny – everything regarding Quest has gone perfectly so far. I’m even getting that old feeling again. Like I never want to leave her. The obsessive yachtie syndrome – as my friend Janine commented on Crew Quest, ‘It must be addictive’.

Yep. And it helps Quest has more bedrooms than our actual house. More bathrooms too 😊. I find myself admiring boat life again, but from a different angle this time. A year older angle. Where Delph is flying through her old reading books and Lu is a fully independent learner now. Jack’s worked hard to get here too. I could get used to this.

Truth be told – life has never been easy for us on Questie. A battle at times. Like a lot of dreams, we’d sunk all our money in her – so our dilemma was, why couldn’t we just be happy? We were doing it, but it was often so bloody hard. To keep everything going. Work, school, boat maintenance. Trying to figure out the future. We used to close our eyes and wish we were back home. Tap, tap, tap the ruby slippers.

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