What Is Greta Thunberg’s Mum Thinking?

Am I the only person wondering this? I mean, I get it. Greta Thunberg’s a determined girl. And she’s obviously got a powerfully intelligent and passionate team around her. But still. That kid’s going for martyrdom. She wont (or can’t) go to school because she has to fight climate change. She’s suffering so we won’t have to.

It makes me think; who is this kid; Harry Potter? Has she got a horcrux lodged inside her too? Whole religions have been formed on the basis of this very emotionally powerful human experience. We are all students of suffering and its meaning. And now you have Greta Thunberg up there, going for gold.

Since her big recent speeches in the US, I can’t help but wonder… what’s her mum thinking? Did she take a plane to Sweden to join her girl in America? Did she wear a disguise if she did? Or is Greta’s mum at home, watching like the rest of us? That’s gotta be hard. The look on Greta’s face when she saw Donald Trump yesterday. Was Greta’s mum shouting into the tv screen, ‘Greta, remember what we talked about! Don’t hit him!’

Or did she know better than to try and control her daughter’s teenage mood? After all, Greta giving Trump the stink eye spoke for itself. Cross-cultures, cross-generations, cross-planetary philosophies – all of it rolled into one dirty, angry look.

I guess I’m wondering; was this all really Greta’s mum’s idea? I could try to google it. Don’t know if I’d find the answer though. If it was one of our kids, Jack would definitely have swooped in and rescued them by now. Taken them for a fancy meal to sweeten them up. Neither of the Ormerod girls can resist a fancy meal out. Ok now, let’s go home, girls.

This morning in the boatyard, I questioned whether Delph would have the ability to do long multiplication. Since she dragged her feet to the table and plain refused to do it. It took us an hour to build up her confidence – and then we started the actual work.

While we were working, Jack was milling around the cockpit. He painted a very different picture to our scene. He is so comfortable in this environment. I swear you could blindfold him and he’d be fine. Suddenly, I realised that his dad put him here. Even though his dad never really sailed, or came onboard Quest. They hung out so much at home, tinkering with outboards, sorting out fishing gear and lugging boats across the road. His dad definitely made this child.

We all mould our children – to some degree. It seems hard to believe Greta’s parents aren’t the same with her. She’s right too – we do need to take action on climate change before it becomes irreversible. My concern is that Greta’s going for martyrdom now. And we all know how that tends to end. So on this basis, please let this beautiful kid go home.

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