Always Up for the Ride

A year-and-a-half of loyal work beast done. We finally took Richard’s air con unit out from Quest’s saloon window hatch. Without it blocking the deck anymore, the space has been cleared. Quest’s lines are free to work her flappy bits. Right on cue, Mackenzie and her dad Shawn came over from Superb Sails. Our sails stuffed inside their car.

Mackenzie is one of the most interesting characters we’ve met through this cruising world. We’ve watched her turn from her dad’s apprentice to full-blown passionate sailor. Plus she built her own wooden bed last year – in the shape of a boat. Since then she’s developed a faraway look in her eyes – like Mackenzie’s getting ready to go. This year, she’s recently taken charge of a sailboat, living and restoring it at the same time. She’s started practising night sails.

Quest’s sails clean and shiny – she and Shawn put them up with Jack. This means we’re running out of excuses. It’s our time to go out and check everything works on Quest. Check that we still work. Quest looks ready for it – though she always looks up for it. She has that vibe about her. ‘Sail me to Europe. Sail me to Madeira. The Canaries. Oh hey, I’ve got a good idea. Sail me to the Caribbean. It’ll be fun!’ I swear this fibreglass hull has been in charge the whole time.

Everything we’ve ever done to accommodate, fix or improve her, she’s never let us down – yet. In this sense, Quest gets better and better. It’s like she’s been waiting around patiently while we get our shit together. Biding her time until she can slice through the water like a cake knife. She reminds me of Fin this way. Fin’s big brown eyes watching from the floor. One big paw over the other, waiting for our walk. All day long – one single-minded look in her eyes. Ok, ok, Fin, we’re going! Ok, ok, Quest, we’re going! Time to find the lead. Or maybe to let go of it.


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