Let’s Get Tender

Dinghy’s up. Not too bad at all. We used the topping line to lift her. In the end, we both re-learned how to do it. Connect topping line to extra line. Ran extra line through the genoa winch. Figure-of-eight tied to one end and carabiner clip on the other end. Rowed the dinghy over from the beach. Hosed the leaves from the fig tree out of her. Jack lifted with his water-ox strength and I clipped the carabiner clip into her metal eye. Took the strain on the winch and lifted her up. As she cleared the stanchions, I lowered her down onto Quest’s deck. Slowly. Take extra line off. Re-connect topping line to the end of the boom. Done.

We need to check out of customs this morning. Get our sheets from Superb Sails (cross fingers they’re ready) and take the rental car back to EconoCars. We’ll say thanks and good-bye to Michelle, our EconoCar contact. She has made life so easy for us in Trinidad. The car has been fantastic – not expensive and enables us to live like we do at home. Now we’re going up-island, we’ll be going back to using public transport on land. Buses and small min-vans; both government and privately-owned. Some countries have plentiful bus infrastructure – Grenada you beauty. Others, it’s a complete mystery – cough, British Virgin Islands. Bussing in the BVI is sticking out a thumb at the side of the road. Hold on, for four of us?? We rented a car there too, but not for the discounted amount we can get in Trini. And the fuel costs here? The equivalent of 50p a litre. Yep, I know. With all its gas and oil-rigs, Trinidad really is the blessed land.

There are things I’ll miss. We didn’t get to see much nature in the end – proper exploding Trini nature. Getting Questie ready – the thinking about it as well as the physical energy needed. That’s ok, we didn’t mind – it was a reminder that things take time.

Also our family dynamics. When you have people on board who don’t want to be here – boy, that sucks the life out of you. I’m not meaning it as a criticism either. It’s not Lulu’s fault that she’s being a normal teenager in this way. I mean, who plucks their children out of their lives at home and transports them not only to another place, but to another way of life? Oh yeah, we do. Delph doesn’t mind though. It’s funny: we’ve remembered Delph loves Quest more than life back on land. For their whole lives, these two girls have been opposites. One likes mushrooms, the other hates them. One picks their face, the other doesn’t (why is this the best current example I can muster?) – the list goes on. The question is: where do we meet in the middle?

I’ll never forget Trinidad for asking us these questions. And for keeping us safe. For the mountain of individuals who have given us the ability to sail Quest today. For PriceSmart. WestMall. Las Cuevas beach. Macqueripe. For the home base of Peakes Yacht Services: land of washing machine, fabulous yachting infrastructure and understated friendliness. Because in the Caribbean, people adore their privacy and will give you yours in a heartbeat. You are a legend.

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