Walking the Beach?

‘Really? Why do you want me to walk the beach? In Rodney Bay? It’s full of tourists.’

My mum continued, ‘I thought it was quite nice when we stayed there. Rex Resorts. Have you seen it yet? It’s in the middle of Rodney Bay.’

I sighed. ‘Like I said, we haven’t been to the beach. After all, we had pristine, untouched beaches in Mustique. Coves to snorkel and dive in Bequia. Why now would I fight our way past the all-inclusives in St Lucia to find your old hotel?’

My mum continued in the vein of all good mothers – like she hadn’t heard me. ‘We had a nice time there. If you have time, go and get your photo taken with the Christmas tree in the mall. This would make your grandmother’s day.’

I had to stop right there. Making my grandmother’s day was easy. It consisted of watching politics on the Polish tv channel which my mum and aunt Ela put in for her last Christmas. We had two whole weeks last Christmas watching my grandmother watch the politics. Now, a photo in the St Lucian mall in Rodney Bay would make her day? I took a breath and changed my mind. Wasn’t worth asking.

No lie though. Things have been a little up and down on Quest – in the teenage stakes. I am embarrassed to say it… since I’m the main sucker in this story. Basically, Lulu misses her friends, wants to talk to them and largely, she does. She spends hours everyday – if given the chance – to chat. We’ve let a lot of it slide. Paid for the data. After all, we were fourteen once too. We get it’s much more interesting to be with a bunch of other kids your age than us.

Here’s the sticking point. After she uses a gigabyte and gets off the phone, she tends to get mad at us. Perhaps it’s a function of homesickness. Unfortunately though, she’s got a good pair of lungs and a razor-tongue mouth which she inherited from all intents and purposes  – based on family reports  – from her paternal grandmother. Lu’s second name is in homage to her. So, kind of our fault that. Oops.

The balance of staying in touch with friends combined with peace onboard is morphing into a delicate matter. So delicate in fact that we’ve had to periodically confiscate her phone. We’ve found a day of no data for Lulu is a pretty good cure for a sniper mouth.

Then Lulu is lovely, and there’s no one lovelier. She’s that kind of kid. So, when she asks for her phone back – just to send her streaks she insists, so she won’t lose them, guess who gives in? Uh huh. Dumbo me. And the cycle begins again.

In a bid to escape it yesterday, Delph and I found ourselves on Rodney Bay’s beach. In the middle – by Rex Resorts. And yes, it was just as full of tourists and sun loungers, people trying to get you on a jet ski or sell you a sarong as I thought it would be. It was pretty damn wonderful. So much so that today we even went to the mall… looking for a Christmas tree.

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