Butterflies 🦋

Butterflies in my stomach are stopping me sleeping. We’re leaving Les Saintes at first light.

I’ve woken up smelling the air – trying to sniff the weather out. Les Saintes has been a oasis of calm compared to the wild weather we had getting here. Little wind, no rain. We have the many corpses of flying ant sex and death scattered on Quest’s coach roof to prove it. Like we’ve been seasoned with black pepper. Could do with a little shower now to wash it off.

Heading towards Martinique. Sailing past Dominica – again. We still haven’t been to Dominica and we’ve passed the island a number of times now. Sorry Dominica. Still, there’s no time. We’d like to be anchored outside Martinique’s capital, Fort-De-France for New Year’s Eve. Heard there’s fireworks and street parties.

It is considered one of the best city anchorages in the Caribbean. You are right there in the heart of it. With the timing of New Year’s Eve, our sights are set.

But we have to get there first. Martinique is a solid twelve hours south – and that’s just the northern tip of the island. Fort-De-France is another two hours down the leeward side.

So why the butterflies? Well, the unpredictability of weather is not something a control freak gets easily used to. Add this to carting around your floating home with your family. Put all of these elements in a wild and unpopulated spot.

Now turn that home with the things you love and need to live onto its side. Yes, as the Cap says, ‘It’s just wind.’ Wait for him to make decisions about reefing and/or turning the boat in or out of the wind. Keep breathing. What’s not to love?

It reminds me of this: you know when people say kids keep you young? And you nod, excited about the idea – until you’re four-weeks in and you’ve only slept for three hours during the last week. It’s that middle of the night, walking the baby round the house to calm their unending wind, when you remember the advice. And you swear a lot.

Sailing is a little like that for me. But that’s enough talking for now. Time to take these butterflies and get out of here.

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