I Loves a Good Squall

Trinidad is cold! Saw it on Facebook. The temperature went below 20 degrees: 19.5C the other night. Can you imagine thinking 19.5C is cold? I love how weather is relative.

The weather’s still calm up here too – unusually settled. Like the Christmas winds stopped mid-way for a mince pie and never came back. Oh well.

The kayak went up a treat. Sunday afternoon and we were going snorkelling – to a section of coral on the outside edge of Le Marin, next to Club Med.

I said, ‘I’ll kayak there. Ellie, you coming with me?’

Ellie nodded. ‘Sure.’

We went out of the inner swamp towards the fancy Club Med. That’s Le Marin for you – room for everyone. Passed the long-termers on the way. A vessel with a motorbike on the coach roof. Then a small ferry rafted up to a sailing boat. It looked like a floating, converted school bus. Made a spacious home.

Our new kayak was bobbing along nicely.

‘What do you think of kayaking El?’

‘It’s easier than I thought.’

We bashed our paddles together. ‘Sorry!’

Jack, Lu and Delph made a drive-by then, Top Gun-style. The kayak took some good water in with their splash. At least I’d stopped flashing them the birdie.

Once at the snorkelling spot, it was worth it. Especially when Lu called us over with her new prescription goggles on. ‘Octopus!’

We don’t see many octopi. It was beautiful too – speckled like sand as it made its way to shelter. Love that Lulu spotted it first. She is rocking those prescription goggles.

‘Do you want a lift home?’ Jack asked me. ‘I don’t have much fuel though.’

‘Don’t worry, I’ll kayak back. Just take Ellie. It’ll be quicker on my own.’

Ha! Took me at least half-an-hour to get the other side of the sand spit. I’d only gone a hundred metres. Either I hadn’t noticed it before or the wind had got a lot stronger. Urghh.

Nothing else for it. The journey back to Quest was almost a nautical mile-and-a-half. On the other side of the sand spit was a rainbow. A while back I’d have smiled at the pretty sight.

I knew what it meant now. I was staring at rain.

Still, the Quest crew would have laughed. They like to say I’m obsessed with squalls.

Remember the BBC impersonation comedy show Dead Ringers? It once did a sketch on yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur hiding in the cupboard under the stairs. She’d been so traumatised by the stormy conditions racing in the 2000-2001 Vendée Globe. Yep. Apparently that’s me too. Thanks, Quest crew.

It began to rain into my face. Jack did come eventually. I was maybe halfway. Weather is relative. I loves a good squall.

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