Ellie’s List

Below is a list of things we think Ellie might do when she arrives back in the UK tomorrow. Yep, tomorrow! As sad we are to let her go, we know she has to go. So, with no further ado, here are 25 things we think Ellie might be tempted to do when she’s back home:

1. Look under her brother Joe’s floorboards for packs of tea. And cereal and pressure cookers.

2. Look for the green flash at sunset. Will she ever catch it?

3. Tell her sister Zoe not to flush the toilet because the water maker is still on. No one wants toilet water near the operating intake valve. She might even shout it. Shouting is usually the way it’s done here. The person in the toilet can hear it.

4. Lock the fridge door latch with her toe. She taught us that move originally.

5. Eat crepe-style pancakes. Lots of pancakes – savoury and sweet ones. Maybe peanut butter with honey. And cheese and tomato salsa. Or even different ones?

6. Walk around at home in a cozzie – just because.

7. Wear flip-flops in Borth in the middle of February. She does have very tanned feet.

8. Shower outside with a bucket. Unless she can set up the paddling pool, that is. Luckily, she is used to a bucket now… and a jug.

9. Rush to close windows every time it rains. Then re-open them when it stops, for the breeze.

10. Ask where the padlock is to lock the car up with chain. We can imagine the look on Dean’s face when she pulls out a bag of 10ml chain. That’ll stop someone from stealing it.

11. Try to place solar panels on Dean’s forehead 🥴. Also just because. Especially as Ellie’s been living a Greta-approved lifestyle. She should celebrate with the Deano panels.

12. Wash her feet before she goes inside the house – in sea water.

13. Wake up to a coffee and a kayaking session. Not in Carlisle Bay though. This time in green Cardigan Bay.

14. Make sure she doesn’t charge devices at nighttime. Very Important.

15. Look for the anchor light to turn off in the mornings. Since she’s always the first one up on Quest.

16. Turn lights off all the time.

17. Look for mosquitoes.

18. Watch out for her uncle to come round with his head torch, also looking for mosquitoes.

19. Miss the endlessly long board games at night time – or maybe not..

20. Pack her shoes up in a bag before she leaves the house. Put them on out on the pavement.

21. Duck whenever she sees a large wave coming.

22. Sway – constantly.

23. Snorkel in her garden, trying to spot turtles.

24. Sleep on her own. Her actual own. Without a pile of surfboards next to her. Wait to get elbowed by Delphine in the face. Say nightie-hoo to herself since Delph’s not around to say it to. Hopefully she’ll find someone to say it to.

25. Continue to scan the horizon for fishing pots and flying fish. Feel the warm, blue Caribbean in her blood now.

Good-bye Elunia 💕. Have fun on your next adventure!

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