Tomorrow we’ve been in Barbados for a month. And we still haven’t finished.

I’m starting to feel that you could stay in Barbados for an unlimited amount of time and never be finished. There is so much to do here – and learn. There are also things to get good at here. One of them is surfing.

First point: I will never be good at surfing. I realised this when my favourite thing was to go just beyond the wave break and have a good nap. Hmm. Not exactly the spirit to catch a wave. After the nap habit became more prevalent, I took a back seat and let the girls – and Jack go for it.

We’ve had Delphine feeling more and more confident surf-wise. With the help of wet suit booties a couple of weeks ago, she combined her balance with traction to stand. Since then, she’s gone back to kneeling on the board and enjoying the feeling of just riding the wave – arms out, Titanic-style for now. That’s cool.

Compared to her sister, Lulu has undergone a more nuanced improvement. This is mainly because Lulu doesn’t like to be told. Oops, did I say that? I think she might agree with me though – especially in the moments her dad is telling her. It can be painful since her dad is also the one who spends a lot of time pushing her into the waves. He says he doesn’t mind, and I believe him. He and Lu have always bonded like this.

Through the recent tragic deaths of basketball players Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, I realised Jack is also a GirlDad. This moniker coming about in honour of Bryant and his daughter, during an interview where Bryant had revealed he loved being a dad to girls.

He said, ‘Girls are the best. I would have five more girls if I could. I’m a girl dad.’

This touching tribute has made me understand that Jack too wants his girls to excel – particularly with their physical pursuits. I’m more into facilitating their academic progress and looking after their health. I don’t think there’s a specific term for that, except the one called Mum. I’ve live with it.

My favourite part of Quest is watching Jack help his daughters to catch surfing waves and take their breaths underwater. Barbados is nothing less than perfect for it. If it’s too windy that you can’t dive here, you can surf. You can do something that is close and accessible. Something outside!

Already we take this for granted. Once this ends and we sail back home, the winters will take us inside again. We’ll be hibernating during these winter months. Maybe a blustery walk with Fin or a dodge through rainbow-wet skies. Still nice, but different to spending a whole afternoon on a beach, or hours swimming in the sea.

Catching a wave. The main clue is in the title. If you want the wave, you’re going to have to catch it. The GirlDad in the picture is pushing you on.