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The weekend has come too soon. If there’s been homework to do, well, we haven’t done it. Oops. We’ve ignored the computers, save for watching movies. Actually, Delphine has been on the laptop, writing her book. Now that I think about it, she’s been writing all week. Writing!

I wonder if it’s because of this blog? Because she sees me beavering away trying to get my words out every day? I mean, it could be a coincidence. Who am I kidding? This isn’t about me.

Delph didn’t pick up a book for reading until we got to Quest in September. Since then, she’s read at least a dozen.. and now she’s writing her own book. She says she’s writing a book to represent the community of disabled writers – her community. She says she wants to write about disabled people.

We often talk about this. How Delphine sees herself in a people group of her own. If there are any ableist terms being banded about, Delph tells us quite firmly that she’s the only person in our family allowed to use them.

Perhaps it’s the same as racist terms where now only people of that ethnicity can use them. Delph says she has the equivalent purchase. She has the power to shut us all up on Quest like no other person does. No mean feat.

Her book – so far, is about a girl. A girl with a disability who dances. As the book has progressed though, I’ve noticed it’s changed a bit. There are boys in it. A group of kids and a long-lost friend. Even a couple weeks ago, someone’s lips touched another person’s lips. Hehe. Sorry Delph. I’m not giving out any spoilers, I’m just watching the progress of the writer. How everyone is the same – even if they look or sound different. Love is love.

If this isn’t enough to make a literary agent lift their head like a gopher with a fox coming, I don’t know what literary agents get excited about. Perhaps sci-fi cross-species adult romance? Hold on, that sounds pretty good. Maybe I’ll give it a go. Cross-species sci-fi romance that takes place on a boat?? Now I’m just losing it. Typical.

Stick to the blog. Hopefully I can leave it to Delph to pick up the literary family fortune.

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