Where Else?

Suddenly the anchorage at Port St Charles has cleared. Is it Corona? Have people gone off to self-isolate? Hold on. I think it’s just cruising.

S/V Wild Thing left first. Those guys are currently in Bequia and loving it.

‘See?’ Jack said. ‘The only people who dont like Bequia are you and Lulu.’

‘Not true!’ I protested. I considered continuing that I did like Bequia. Then I gave up.

I don’t know why I didn’t love Bequia in the Grenadines. Sometimes places just don’t gel. Maybe my expectations were too high in the first place:

‘I just thought it was boring,’ Lulu said more straight-forwardly. ‘There wasnt much to do there.’

Ha! ‘Exactly,’ I pitched in, ‘boring.’

Jack shook his head. ‘Well, we’re going. We can’t stay in Barbados forever.’

‘I don’t want to stay here forever.’

He gave me a piercing stare. ‘You do want to stay here forever.’

I instantly nodded. ‘Ok, yes I do want to want to stay forever.’

We’ve also been enjoying meeting other boats here. We’ve met S/Vs Wild Thing, Wave, Millie, Victoria’s Ghost and The Mob in the last few weeks. All Atlantic crossing boats and headed to different parts of the Caribbean. Some to the Pacific.

First: S/V Victoria’s Ghost. Lea and Roland explained their boat name was in homage to explorer Magellan. We nodded like we totally knew that and stopped thinking of them as a floating ouija board. They hosted a beach game last week called Molkky. A Finnish game, it’s designed to play outside with solid, numbered wooden sticks.

We played on the beach under the manchineel trees. The trees are painted with red stripes on their trunks to alert people to their poison. Standing under manchineel trees in the rain gives you a terrible rash – and don’t ever eat their small, green apples. They are straight outta Snow White.

Avoiding the apples, we learned each other’s stories. Lea and Roland are both retired and from the States. They learned Molkky from fellow cruisers during a cruising winter in Turkey. Apparently, everyone plays beach games there.

Meanwhile, Lulu got talking to Peter and Sally from S/V Millie. We’ve seen Millie in different bays in previous years, but had not yet talked to them. What can I say? I value people’s privacy.

Until Lulu shouted, ‘Mum! I want to live with these guys.’

Huh. What’s so great if Lu wants to jump ship? I went over. Turns out Peter is a retired paediatric neuro-psychiatrist and Sally a sex-education nurse. Whoa. These may well be the perfect people Loopy could live with. Peter and Sally just grinned back – if slightly nervously.

Then there’s The Mob. An Aussie boat, these guys have three young boys onboard – younger than Quest’s kids. I assumed my girls would be too ‘old’ to enjoy hanging out with them. Certainly this would be the case at home. I’m such a doofus. Three days later and The Mob and Quest’s kids became firm friends.

Shall we go to Bequia together? I want to ask them. Fingers crossed. Maybe it’s second time lucky to Bequia.