The Face Plant

There are so many good memes going round. It makes me wonder if memes can keep world economies afloat – as much as they can lift our spirits. Fave of the day: If I get quarantined with my husband – rest assured it wont be the virus which kills him. Thanks, Christine Bridgewater! Laughed for solid minutes.

There are more boats in our anchorage. Almost 10 boats. Since pretty much every neighbouring island has closed its borders, boats are being forced to stay put for the moment.

Two small boats came in on Sunday morning – Atlantic crossers. Each one was full of people – men with long glossy beards, all dressed in oilies. We watched the boats from far out, binoculars trained as they approached the coast in squally conditions.

When they arrived in the calm of the anchorage, the crew began hugging. They’d made it! They deserved to be happy. The smallest boat ~ 25 feet, is green and has a wooden mast. It looks like the shell of a nut.

We got itchy watching them celebrate. What was it making us itchy? Aha! Suddenly, we realised. It was the lack-of-fun rash. Since we’re now officially super-cautious about going out, seeing people, touching surfaces and washing our hands. It’s done. The uncertainty of this situation will turn into a new stability. It’s inevitable.,

No one wants to get sick. Even if we did hear that hotels in Barbados are offering themselves as quarantine facilities. Hold on a second! Swim in the pool at midday? Even if that’s not allowed; a long hot shower? A tv? Power sockets? Wifi. Ohhh. Slightly tempting.

We looked around the boat. No dive gear. It usually hangs all around the cockpit – but we’ve put it all away in preparation for a day sail. Thought we may try a spot of fishing. Too squally for fishing though.

What else? Just then, The Mob’s dinghy zoomed past, pulling the boys on a paddle-board. We looked up. Underneath the solar panels, laying dormant since November… is the wakeboard. Hmm.

Last time Lulu went wakeboarding – in Rodney Bay, she picked up an ear infection. The wakeboard has been looking at us sheepishly – from its storage position ever since.

‘Can we go out on the surfboard?’ the girls offered.

We jumped up. ‘Definitely!’

Off they went. Jack towing them and the girls zooming along behind. Delph too – who hasn’t loved this activity because she doesn’t normally love falling off – even she went zooming around the anchorage.

By the end of the day, The Mob’s kids were on their dad’s kite surf board. We got the wakeboard down too. Lulu forgave it and had another go. No ear pain either at the end of day. Phew. Just a lot of face planting.

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