Oh Questie

The Clash’s Should I Stay or Should I Go Now has been on continual mental loop since – well, a while now. So come on and let me knowwww!

Ouch, sorry. I’ll explain.

We’ve been umming and ahhing about coming home. Sailing back to the UK would see us leaving the Caribbean at the end of May.

It wouldn’t be just us either. Hundreds of sailboats usually cross back to European waters every summer. Sitting in Barbados, at an extremely convenient easterly setting, we’ve taken for granted we could go home when – and if we needed to.

We’ve been split two ways for a while now with this. We love back home. We love our friends and family. We love how busy we are there, certainly in terms of movement compared to here. I know that isn’t a fair comparison right now, as no one is really moving. Still overall, our home is as homely as it can be.

And yet Quest is also our home. A whopping ten years ago, we split our resources into two parts. Ever since, Quest has been the lucky recipient of the majority of the resource pie. She is at the state we need her in to be our floating home, and ship. Basically, she is a floating hole of money. Where was I going was this? I got distracted and possibly a small eye twitch.

Oh yeah. Since the UK extended its lockdown to the middle of May, we’ve realised that decisions are getting tight for us. As it stands, we wont be able to stop en route at the Azores. This island archipelago, an autonomous region of Portugal, is under full lockdown. Until excepted, ports are currently closed.

The Azores makes the journey across the Atlantic a stopping protocol. After 20 days or so, it is the welcome sight to re-provision, re-fuel and rest. You get to see the islands. Enjoy the delicious food and experience Mid-Atlantic Ocean living.

Uh no, not this time you don’t. Unless there are further developments, it’ll be like the Azores have completely disappeared. Wiped off the map. Well, you can stare at them but you cant enter. Move along, people.

With sufficient fuel, water and food, we could instead point towards the north-east. Without the journey being broken up, it becomes a 35 day-ish sail. Maybe a bit more. Ok. We can hunker. If we’ve learned anything over the past days and weeks, it’s to hunker.

Here comes the last bit. As we’ve been throwing this idea around, amongst other ideas this week, our cap got in touch with our marina in Aberystwyth. This is the closest marina to our home. ‘Do they have space?’ he asked. ‘Would we need to quarantine?’

Not exactly the answer we were expecting. No boats in or out. Period. Despite the fact that we are all British citizens, it seems that none of us can return on Questie – for now.

We looked at each other. The decision is almost made. And surprise – land home or boat home – this decision isn’t ours to make. Not right now.

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