A Good Man

We rented another car. First things first – drive down to Marine Power Solutions. They had the pump we ordered for our air conditioning unit. It arrived! Ahhh, the drama of Quest’s air-con unit. Feels so long ago now. When those kind of things were real problems.

Having arrived in Trini last September, it was boilingly hot. Richard’s air con unit was already plumbed in through Quest’s saloon hatch, as it had been for over a year while we went home. We knew it would be cool on Quest – until we unplugged ourselves from shore power. Somewhere along the way, we decided we could start using Quest’s air-con units.

It had been a while since we’d used them. They would need a service first. The air-con man came, and he serviced and gassed Quest’s units. When Richard took his unit out, we turned Quest’s units on. It was so exciting! And so cool, literally – until about 18 hours when the whole thing went kaput.

Urghh. The pump died. At that point, getting a new pump had to be ordered from America, and we were by then ready to leave Trinidad.

‘No worries,’ Jack had said, ‘we’ll just have to get used to the heat.’

I remember the tears. The moment the last bit of cool air rose up out of Quest and sailed off through the hatches. But of course we did get used to it. And it helped that the seasons changed. It became windier and cooler as we began to sail.

Now of course, the hurricane season is upon us again. Those hot, still nights and ultra-muggy afternoons. Oh well. Dont complain.

A few weeks ago, out of nowhere, Jack said, ‘Shall we get the air-con pump fixed now? Since we’re staying here for another season?’

The tears again. Despite him making me sign a virtual contract that we couldn’t run the air-con endlessly. Just in the hottest moments.

Anyhow – long recap to the thing I was going to write about. Alex from Marine Power Solutions. When we picked up the pump, we spent time this morning listening to him tell us about the public marina proposal he’d submitted to the Barbados government.

It sounded logical. A large breakwater to be built just north of the cruise ship dock. Room for super yachts near the breakwater, and smaller vessels on inside marina pontoons. But it wouldn’t just be a marina. A wholly invigorated sailing culture would follow. Including a rally which would start and end in Barbados. Racing round cans that translated into other islands – Grenada and St Lucia included. In this way, all islands had yachtie infrastructure. Barbados would be a prime part of this – not, as it is now, the island with very basic boating facilities.

As we listened to Alex, he revealed his plan wasn’t accepted. The Barbados government isnt interested in marinas. They would rather work on land development and cruise ship revenue.

This might have been inhibitory, but one thing it didn’t stop. Alex shook his head ruefully. The glimpse into a good man. It is a beautiful thing.

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