Day 9

I’m hiding in the front cabin. Well, I’m not exactly hiding. I’m lying in bed listening to the Ormerods watch Game of Thrones. They are on the finale of season 4. Halfway through. They started watching in Barbados – after s/v White Arrow kindly lent us their movie hard drive – and we found the whole Game of Thrones on it. We’ll have that, thank you. Excellent quarantine material.

I didn’t realise – duh – how gruesome it was. Of course, the Ormerods love it. They’ve watched and I’ve listened to so many episodes now where flesh has been ripped apart, I am starting to decipher, without seeing it, which part of the body – from the type of emanating squelchy noise. Ohh, that sounds like the eyeballs. Tongue’s ripped out again. There goes another head. I think the sound crew must have had a creative euphoria making Game of Thrones.

All in all, we’ve had a better day today. Even though I’m talking tv, we watched much less of it, which I think has helped. Even Delphine – ha! I got the girls to do some school during the day. They have been plugging away at school a bit during the holidays – though less than I hoped for (another duh for me), but hopefully it’s keeping their cogs turning.

Lu has mostly worked on maths. She wants to try for the higher paper for the IGCSE exam. It’s notoriously hard – for non-maths geniuses anyway! She chose to do the end-of-year exam as a higher tier – and was burned by it somewhat. The alternative, the foundation paper, she’d aced a week before as practice, so I think in hindsight she was pretty brave just to try. The experience definitely focused our minds on what she has to be able to do.

Which brings me to the dynamics of online school. Ahh, that Pandora’s box..

Firstly, because of our lifestyle, I am so grateful that online school exists at all. I wouldn’t in a thousand years be able to get Lu to this level on my own. And the teachers at our school are ace. Just ace.

Still, as many people unexpectedly found out this year, online schooling also has its limits. Personally, we’ve found that independent learning is required – in some cases, significantly so.

Still, like Lu says, ‘At least you don’t have to discuss your ideas with the person sitting next to you.’ We all know that painful moment of insincerity. But sometimes that face-face experience is handy too.

And with the tricky stuff – like circle theorems and simultaneous equations (don’t even get me started on how we’re supposed to learn chemistry experiments in our imaginations), there is something of an invisible wall. Maybe more imagination is required. Turn on Game of Thrones! We keep going. Squelch, squelch.

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