Spoiler Alert – Feminism and Fire

Dear reader – if you haven’t watched Game of Thrones yet and you want to watch it without any spoilers, maybe don’t read this any further.

Tough night last night. Sansa Stark got raped. Then, we watched Selling Sunset to cheer ourselves up – and Chrishell got dumped. It wasn’t the best night for feminism.

To make matters more intense, we are having Game of Thrones dreams. Jack in particular, keeps dreaming about dive gear on fire and in explosions. I suppose it doesn’t help that the Scubapro dive stuff he ordered in California last week has now crossed the Atlantic twice – to Europe and back to the US, in its bid to get to the Dutch Antilles.

Jack’s been staring at the tracking history with shock and wonder. Philadelphia, The Netherlands to Kentucky and Germany. I’ve lost track of where our four dive computers and some regulator mouthpieces are right now. It’s still supposed to get to Bonaire for next Tuesday. Hmmm. Let’s see.

The posting cost, just over two hundred US, seemingly initially exorbitant, has turned into good value for all that travel. I’m hoping Jack’s fires or explosion dreams don’t figure into the delivery service too.

In this vein, I find myself starting to follow Game of Thrones in quarantine too – but in a slightly different way to the rest of my family. The Ormerods line up on the sofa to watch every night. I still seek refuge in the front cabin. I can hear it though – every ripping tongue and popping eyeball. Yay.

Unlike those guys, I know what happens in the end. This is because, when Game of Thrones concluded just over a year ago, I got caught up listening to the finale reviews on different podcasts. It felt like I was reading the last page of a book first. I’m not sorry either.

So, even though I’m not officially watching GOT right now, I know how it concludes. The Ormerods however, who are actually putting the work in and watching it, they don’t know.

And I’m not spoiling it for them. I do find myself reading the GOT Fandom while they’re watching it. They don’t know that either – and I don’t know which is worse. To be honest, I’m one small step away from reading the books.

Poor Sansa. It’s going to be fun watching and listening tonight. Even though she gets revenge in about ten episodes. Another spoiler. Bring on Day 12.

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