First Impression

Find dress. Next shoes. Take off pyjamas. The rotating pair. Leave girls – one who is still sleeping under all her leads and the other who is just waking up and doesn’t want to face the world yet. All day yesterday Lu was unhappy with our quarantine about to end.

It hit me like a plate. When her first tooth was loose at 6, Lu was inconsolable. Add 9 years and quarantine is normal. She might still be holding on to that tooth.

I walked down the pontoon without hesitation. We went through the pontoon’s locked gate – since we have the security code! First thing was a small and murky-ish swimming pool. The marina pool! Good for cooling off. Maybe don’t drink the water.

Past the marina gates, the road is dusty. We walked for a bit, trying to avoid gravel sandals – until we came to the first development strip. A dive shop! Such a nice one too. Jack had already made arrangements to get his regulators serviced here. We dropped it off and carried on.

The houses are low and concrete, interestingly-shaped and brightly coloured. A retro orange bungalow with a shady terrace. A bright green house with wooden windows. Smart-looking businesses. It feels different here; kind of Euro-Caribbean with cactuses forming hedges. We saw a path to the beachside, and took it. It joins to a promenade down the length of the waterside.

It was a bit of a shock to be honest, seeing all of the moorings. We counted around 60 cruisers tied to the mooring buoys. There is no anchoring allowed – so this is the only way boats can position themselves. The boats are very close to the shore too, as there is only a shallow ridge before a dark-blue drop-off.

I stared a little earnestly. This is where we would have gone had the pandemic not stopped boat movement. Indeed, the yachts all look comfortably attached to the buoys. Many likely here since lockdown struck in March.

We clocked the new, deep-water moorings too, put down for the overspill in the marina. Boats waiting in the marina in lockdown for buoys were finally given their freedom and put on these new deep-water moorings. They freed up space for the likes of us now in the marina. And no one looks like they’re moving from these mooring buoys either.

‘You know,’ Jack said as we walked down the promenade, handsome, Dutch-built concrete apartments to our left, ‘I think I like the marina. The air-con and wifi. And we can fill the dive tanks whenever we want to. That works for us right now too.’

I nodded. Internal fist-pump. Keep face casual. A while since we’ve been outside.

We carried on to check in at customs and immigration.

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