Cheese Clog

So what is the deal with Bonaire? I thought this while staring up at a large model of a clog – made of cheese.

What kind of cheese? I don’t know. I don’t speak Dutch. And Dutch translation into English – in layman’s terms, doesn’t seem very easy. Better start using Google Translate when looking through the cheese types.

Jack and I were in the main supermarket in Bonaire. We’d caught a mini-van from the marina entrance. Every Friday and Tuesday afternoon, Therése will take you – for 5 US dollars a person. We jumped on it. Couldn’t get a taxi for that price.

Only Therése informed us she had a geology course at 6:15pm. We yachties had an hour in the supermarket, which definitely wasn’t enough. There were at least ten types of mayonnaise to look through. At least twenty types of yellow, hole-y cheese. The eponymous clog. There was fresh yoghurt, varying slices of ham and a whole refrigerator full of dips. We didn’t even properly get to the frozen section before we had to get to the till. 

What did this teach me about Bonaire? Firstly, that I love it.  We bought a large bar of chocolate and found out later that it had gingerbread biscuit in it. I wish we’d bought more. We also did a week’s shop. We got passionfruit, carrots, pork tenderloin and steak. Two types of potatoes and some soft white cheese. Dutch muesli – which, turns out is delicious.

I do like how supermarkets can tell you about places. What a country likes to eat and where it gets its food from. They can reveal the general wealth and living standards – and how exclusive food is considered to its people. It can tell you about the history and culture of its country as much as any museum can.  

I don’t know that much about Bonaire yet. But as we sat on the bus and Therése was racing us home, so she could get to her geology course, I did know something. That was one large clog of cheese. I didn’t take a pic though. So, it’ll have to be the family Game of Thrones selfie. Beginning of season 7. Winter’s here. 


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