Adventures in Dutch

Zetpillen. Zetpillen means suppository in Dutch. Aha.

To be honest, translation aside, I could have figured it out if I’d just concentrated on the picture on the box. Tablets aren’t exactly shaped like large, pointed bullets.

Still; paracetamol as a suppository? I’m scratching my head. As a hospital procedure, fair enough, but I did not expect to pick up paracetamol in this form from off the shelf in a regular drugstore, next to the antihistamine. I better go check the antihistamine.

I feel there must be a good reason. I’m starting to think everything here is for a reason. Take water polo for a start. Lulu’s been playing it this week with her swim club. What a fantastic game. They give the teams different coloured bonnets with ear protectors built in. Then the kids go and play – really play. The game is aggressive and fast-moving. Seems it’s basically like football, but without the gravity-based stress. More dunking than tripping-up your opponents. And Lu’s good at it. Of course, Jack’s smiling. Vindicated for all those times he spent dunking her as a little kid.

She also made two assists in her second game which led to two separate goals. It was really thoughtful throwing. A kid who hasn’t done much sports-wise in five years – and can’t really see anymore through all that screen time? I am scratching my head again.

As nice as it was to see and cheer from the promenade (I’m thinking of creating a banner that either says, ‘Go Lu!’ or ‘The Other Team Sucks!’), this seems too like great thinking on the part of the Dutch. I heard later on that Holland pioneered much female sport, including women’s football.

Although water polo in Bonaire is played co-ed, the main coaches for swimming and water polo I’ve seen so far here are women. Simone and Anita. They have this great loudspeaker they get to use and are obviously really dedicated to their work. So far, Lu loves this game – even if she was called ‘Lulu the snail’ by someone on the other side. If they’re calling her that, they’re rattled – I reckon.

Delph too, found another dance school to try out. There’s not one but two dance schools in Bonaire! Amazing for a population of just over 20,000. And this dance school is closer to us and just happens to be right next to the marine chandlery. That’s how we found it. The dance teacher is nice too. She has a little baby and mostly keeps her in the studio with her. For part of Delph’s lesson, she carried the baby in a carrier on her chest. Not a peep from that lucky child.

So I can forgive the Dutch for selling paracetamol as suppositories as standard. They had a lot of different strengths in the store. Which makes me think; do you take two? I bought the 500mg dose. You would normally take two. And yes, before you ask dear reader, I tried one. For the sake of medical science. I am still scratching my head. And sitting down.

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