Mr. Deep

Delphine wrote a poem today and has kindly allowed me to post it here (i.e. I couldn’t even begin to beat this). Thanks Delph!

Mr Deep

Patrice, dad and me

whent for a

dive in the sea.

Patrice was the student,

the teacher was dad

and I was helping

so that made

me glad.

As we go diving

there is an

important rule we

all stay together like

a fish school.

Dad said to Patrice

to be on his right, I’ll be

on left so

that made it alright.

As we went down

Bonaire’s steep reef walls

Poor Patrice he

forgot all the


The sea bed seemed

to call out

his name, ‘Patrice, Patrice,

come down – do

not be ashamed!’

Although the reef looked

steep, Patrice didn’t

mind going down in

to the deep.

Poor old dad his

heart started to

flutter. ‘I better go

get him,’ he finally muttered.

While dad went down

I waited on

the reef, they came

up with a

sigh of relief.

The rest of the

dive went past

with out a

peep and now we

call Patrice, ‘Mr Deep’.

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