As the US sits on pins and needles, and the rest of the world waits with baited breath for confirmation of its next, four-year direction, Jack went diving. He went to try and make friends with the octopus. The same octopus we found last night, in its shell-decorated home.

For this, Jack runs on his experience working as a dive instructor in Malta. In Malta, it was normal to come across an octopus and to coax them onto a person’s arm. I watched him do it once. We were on a shallow wreck and an octopus, seemingly well-versed in being handled by humans, wrapped itself around Jack’s arm. I remember it took some time to extricate his arm back.

Jack has been sure he can do the same thing here – for years. He was anxious to go down and visit the pink, Caribbean octopus.

‘Are you coming?’

I looked back at him. I’d had an interesting morning. While shaking the crumbs out of the kitchen cloth just after dawn, I’d accidentally dislodged Lulu’s suction-cupped little mosquito net from her porthole. It plopped into the water. They’re expensive, so I went for a sudden swim. Now, a few hours later, my salty hair looked like it was having an electrostatic battle with itself. I knew this because both girls had asked me what was wrong with my hair.

We’d been working through piles of schoolwork. Piles, as Lu’s mock exams are the week after next. We’re unsure at this stage whether these mock exams will be considered as real exams, to be counted alongside other assessed schoolwork if her exams next year are cancelled. Or just practice if her exams aren’t cancelled. This uncertainty doesn’t help pressure-wise. Still, like it or not, now is the time to study.

Delph too has picked up another class: French. I’ve been really careful to keep her work levels to an enjoyable level since we’ve been on Quest. It’s to Delph’s credit she can incorporate French into it. She’s often talked about doing another language.

With this, I signed her up during half-term. This meant we’ve had to make up time, going over the last six weeks of work. Ouch. I forgot about that bit. As well as going through revision cards with Lu. I think that my hair wasn’t just reacting to the seawater.

Ever since phone time is down, board game time is up. After school, we’ve been playing our pirate ship game again, Jamaica. My brother, Martin bought it for us, and it’s good to play on Quest – especially since we got the extension pack, the Crew.

So, I didn’t go diving to make friends with the octopus. Jack came up on his own, after the rest of us had finished playing (Delph won for the first time – hooray) and were going for our afternoon swim.

‘How was it?’

‘A little anticlimactic,’ he said.

‘It didn’t want to make friends?’

‘Only when I got bored after an hour and edged the GoPro stick into its home. Then we played a good game of tug-of-war.’

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