The Big Experiment

I know I dreamed of this life years before we did it, but would I know we’d end up doing it for so long and so much? Never. Not so much imposter syndrome, as impossible syndrome.

Now, I veer between looking forward to going home to never wanting to go back. Mostly because I keep thinking there are more things we have to do. We need to sail here. We have to dive that. We spend so much time together, but is enough of it quality time? Don’t ask Lu. She’d groan. Delph would ignore me. Jack would try and get me to rub his feet for five minutes so we could ‘talk’ about it – while he secretly falls asleep.

How does the dream of this life match the reality? Well, for starters I got up to download Lu’s first exam paper before dawn. I dozed for an hour on the sofa – the fan pointed at my feet. I got up at half-six, just after light, and got Lu up at seven. I made everyone tea and pancakes. Delph also walked in at this point. After breakfast, Lu started with English; a Of Mice and Men essay and an unseen poetry analysis. She nailed it. She might like science, but that child needs to do A Level English. She moved on to Maths. This was a two-hour paper and 30 pages to upload.

After she finished, I started scanning it with my phone. I discovered my scanner app only covers 24 pages. Small panic until Jack quickly set up the scanner function on the printer. Unfortunately, he’d left the last page of his own signed work document in the file. Lu’s mock exam now starts with his signature. We stared at the image. We’ll live with it. After a couple of attempts, the huge document uploaded to the school’s dashboard.

We won’t know the results of the exams until January. Hopefully by then we’ll also know if the actual exams are cancelled – or not. I’m slightly obsessed with this decision. I signed up to the Times Educational Supplement. I check the live Coronavirus blog throughout the day. I read about English head teachers saying their students will be ‘upset’ if they don’t get to sit their exams. Both my kids snorted when I ran this idea past them.

We all went for a lunchtime swim off Quest. Our usual swim around the boat. We showered then and had a rest – after doing biology revision. Delph finished up her school notes. She did school all day with her headphones on. Damn good at it too.

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