Haircuts and Friend Families

Shona came round and gave us all a haircut today. She called it the ‘family Christmas cut’. We are so used to her looking after us, we don’t even think of it as news anymore. SV White Arrow are right next to us now. On the buoy next door.

It makes it interesting. They’re that much closer to hearing us all yell at each other – even with our split ends removed. Although Shona says rather thankfully that she doesn’t hear anything. I find that hard to believe. The Bonaire mooring buoys are pretty close together. White Arrow are even closer to us than they were anchored in lockdowned Barbados.

Jack remembered today that he was the one who broke the news to them about Covid – in March. They’d been sailing across the Atlantic when the virus started to spread in the West. They only had a few days in Barbados then, before everything shut down. White Arrow saw the first two months of the New World from their bow – looking at the Port St Charles beach line. Worse places to be. Still, it must have been a shock for these sailors. They’d only just arrived.

Now, they’re with us in Bonaire. We’ve even booked Christmas dinner together. For Patrice too and Gav and Shona’s friends, Dave and Andy. We’re going to a nearby cafe that usually specialises in paninis. Hmm. Surprisingly, the person most excited about it is Patrice. Patrice being French and posh. Nonetheless, he likes the atmosphere of the place.

‘Christmas,’ he says, ‘is all about atmosphere.’ For 37 bucks per head, I’m in. Go atmosphere.

White Arrow have been firmly ensconcing themselves in Bonaire life. They’ve met a whole new group of yachties. Bonaire might not be big, but it has more cruisers to meet than in Barbados. With very little Covid too, we can enjoy some socialising here.

In this way, we haven’t seen them as much as when we were in Barbados. Back then, we only had each other for company. Shona and I are going to the ladies’ lunch again together on Friday. It will be the last one in 2020.

The cruising ladies are friendly. It’s fun meeting someone different each time. The first week I met Jennifer, a genetics researcher from America. Last time it was Barbara from Switzerland. She’s a therapist. And then there’s Shona, her friend Andy, and Sue from the UK. I love chatting to Sue. She is a fresh breath of British air for me. Quirky, witty and kind in equal measure.

I do take it for granted that White Arrow will be leaving soon. After Christmas, they should be off to their new port, further west. They’re still intent on making their way back home to New Zealand for next year. Panama Canal and then a Pacific Ocean to cross.

As well as knowing about Christmas atmosphere, Patrice also maintains the Kiwis are used to sailing in rough conditions. For Kiwis, rough conditions are good conditions. We needn’t worry about White Arrow.

We won’t worry then. But we’ll miss them. And I love my new haircut.

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