More Confessions

Christmas school holidays have just begun – and they should feel exciting. And they are; except for Covid and that this family likes structure. Is that a little embarrassing? Not the Covid part; that’s just reality. No, I mean the routine bit. It doesn’t exactly feel cool to say that routine is our friend.

Following the U.K. school system in the Caribbean, we get up early every day to work, while all the yachties around us seem to be kicking back. In fairness, they look mostly retired. The boat kids we’ve met tend to do school at their own leisure. Meanwhile, we’re working toward exams in early summer next year. Even though everyone we know back home pretty much has had their exams cancelled. Lu’s exam board is still currently going ahead. Yep. Seems pretty typical – for us.

Now, we have three weeks off. What do we do now? Oh yeah. We temporarily join everyone else around us, and live more freely. For me, it’s like an itch on your back you can’t scratch. Why? Perhaps because it’s temporary. Even though you’re supposed to relax, you know it’s going to end soon.

Of course, I’m really popular in my family for expressing these kind of views. And I get in trouble for trying to install some routine. Like if we carry on doing a bit of studying every day. I’m not doing it as punishment (seriously, guys!), but to keep familiar things going. I also believe things take time to sink in academically. Time is therefore needed to allow for sinking in. I’m really popular on Quest for these views. I get it.

I did hate myself too for it – a very little bit. Then I listened to Sindhu Vee. For anyone who hasn’t heard her, Sindu’s an Indian comedian based in the U.K. She is, I think on the verge of calling herself a ‘Britisher’. I love Sindhu Vee. I mostly listen to her through podcasts, though I have watched a bit of her stand-up. There isn’t enough of it to watch.

A few days ago I found a podcast where Sindhu explains to two British fathers of young children that she has high academic expectations of her children. Yes, she explained, because she is South Asian. But also because otherwise – what is the point of them? Hehe. She maintains this is because they should be considering their place in this world. It would be wrong not to expect them to. And no one cares if you moan.

I almost jumped for joy. It would have been a bit messy since I was washing up. That’s my usual position while I’m listening to podcasts.

Sure, she said it to these British men running the podcast partly for comedic effect. But I get her. And comedy is usually one way of expressing someone’s truth, especially when it’s painful. I’m not telling anyone how to live. Or what to think. But I think the same as Sindhu on this. I wonder if she hates the holidays too.

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