Is Christmas Coming?

Not for these lobster. Still, Delph and I got through some work today. We did The Christmas Prince, The Royal Wedding and the third one, The New Baby. I didn’t even have time to get out of my pjs.

We specialise in these kind of movies, Delph and I. Lu likes to dip in, but she quickly sees sense and dips out again. We’ve already watched both of the Princess Switches and The Knight Before Christmas. The latter seems to be a whole movie made around a catchy title. I’m in.

We heard things got tough again in the U.K. yesterday – just as everyone had made Christmas plans. It was sad to hear.

Things had been getting progressively busier on Bonaire too. This was due to larger, neighbouring Curaçao, as Lu calls it, the OG island, going into Code Orange – due to its increase of cases. Code Orange stops non-essential travel, so travel operator TUI responded by moving all their booked holidays from Curaçao to Aruba and Bonaire.

It did seem a strange call to us. Just as Covid cases were significantly increasing in Holland, bookings on little Bonaire became chocker. KLM even put on another plane and a bigger plane. Triple sevens. TUI we heard, was completely booked out.

For the first time too, we began to see tourists. Lu and I felt suddenly self-conscious using the Harbour Village beach showers. It’s become a part of Reef Renewal we won’t forget: bringing ALL our cleaning products to the rinsing beach showers. We are yachties after all. Maybe not so fun with the high-end clients watching us with raised eyebrows though.

Then Bonaire also went into a sudden Code Orange on Thursday. This is because Holland itself went into lockdown – and administrative ties between Bonaire and Holland are so close, if the Netherlands goes into lockdown, by default we heard Bonaire and Aruba do too.

Aruba already has the highest number of cases per population in the Caribbean, so it makes more sense. In Bonaire cases are quiet. I think there are two or three active cases on the island at the moment. The problem here is based on the very small heath care system. Very little provision for ICU.

We met our friend Kim in the supermarket a couple of days ago. She and her husband, Michel helped to teach us the Reef Renewal course in September. Michel used to be the island policeman on Saba. Now they run a guesthouse in Bonaire. Kim told us they’d been inundated with bookings. Completely sold out. People who had never even heard of Bonaire, but after Curaçao was banned for travel, called up and asked. ‘Is it sunny here?’

Only a few days later, after Code Orange came in, there is mass confusion on the island. Officially, you can only travel here now for essential reasons. And you need special insurance. Kim said the phone hasn’t stopped ringing. It is ringing the same amount, she said. All cancellations.

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