The Old Resolution

The 31st of December. Boy, after writing this blog for a year, today’s date gives me a sense of relief. It’s a wrap.

That’s how the stats for WordPress counts it anyhow. After today, my blog will be neatly wrapped up in numbers. The 2020 WordPress bar chart is done and dusted – and it’ll be onto the next one: the magic 2021. Why magic? 21 is a bit of a magic number, no? Solstice dates, equinox, 2 and 1 adds up to 3. Ok, maybe not. I just have a feeling. 2021 will be a magic year.

My blog came out of the New Year. 2019, I set myself a 500-word-a-day challenge. The only resolution I’ve ever stuck to. The first year, I managed to complete it. This year, 2020, I’m exactly 20 blog posts in the negative. In the hole.

Sigh. At least no one pays me for it. I like to fool myself with this truth. If they did pay me, I’d probably stomp around, sniffing out my territory. ‘I’ve got my blog to write!’ I’d yell. Wouldn’t be a good look.

Instead, when it gets to 9pm and nothing’s been drafted for the day, my shoulders crunch up. A day lost. Only 20 times though this year. Thanks, WordPress.

Now, after running out of ridiculous, Princess-based or Christmas movies with Kurt Russell in it, The girls and I have been watching Netflix stand-up specials in the evenings. I’m hooked. The one where Chris Rock explained without one joke of excuse what a shitty husband he’s been? That’s powerful stuff.

We watched Michelle Wolf’s Joke Show last night. She was explaining how Twitter is like the new version of history’s manifesto; i.e. people’s crazy opinions. Whereas blogs are more like conversations no one wants to have with you – on your computer. Lu belly-laughed at that one. Me more quietly.

I do love the laziness writing gives me though. Lying around with a ‘job’ to do. I should, after all, be washing up right now. There’s a sink full of dishes. Instead I’m on the sofa.

This is because it takes about two hours a day to write my blog – on average. When I write the more nature-oriented ones, it takes longer. Then it’s like every syllable counts. Nothing more painful than writing about nature, and trying to make it interesting.

I don’t know why. Nature’s narrative often drives me – and plays a large part in my mental health. I just struggle writing about it. It’s like the BBC nature documentaries. I both love – and fall asleep to them every time. I even get my pillow ready now every time one comes on. The best sleep.

You know the best bit of writing my blog? I get it, Michelle Wolf. I’m telling this to my computer!

It’s that I hardly ever know what I’m going to write about when I begin. It’s the weirdest and most enigmatic part. Just if you give words an open window, they tend to blow in. That’s it. Happy New Year 💕.

6 thoughts on “The Old Resolution

  1. Ya know what, I’m really thankful for 2020. It’s been the weirdest year, as if sailing the oceans is not weird enough but getting to hang with Ormerod’s has been such fun. Shona & I are so much more enriched as a direct result of said hanging….Thank You Jacklar, Hannaar, Lular and Delphlar.

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    1. Stay writing hannah they blowing an romantic roman trough the window.
      But but i preference the sea biological roman. Focking hell man thats the hole idea from traveling around te world? To pass on the story’s writing singing photo acting what ever…its a gift

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  2. I love this: “Just if you give words an open window, they tend to blow in.” Isn’t that the truth! I’ve so enjoyed your blog – your adventures – and the careful way you describe things. I like a writer who is spare with their words. Plus you always have perfect photos. Best to you in 2021! Glad you are staying in the blogging world.

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