Tirading Tuesday

School’s started again and the instant, early morning routine has hit us like a bus. InterHigh announced too, that although the PM has called GCSE exams off this summer, he wasn’t talking about International GCSEs – which are the exams InterHigh does. Eye roll. Typical.

We are now awaiting the IGCSE exam board decision as to whether they will follow the GCSEs and cancel exams. If they don’t, I swear I am going to visit them when we get home.

Jack and Patrice went off in the morning – and Jack came back with a printer. Then after school, he and the girls went off to the dentist for teeth cleaning. I’ll go when I get home. After I visit the Pearson Edexcel exam board office.

I cooked a big batch of ragu instead – a.k.a. spaghetti bolognese. Except I added carrots and peppers so it officially became ragu. I needed it posher so I could invite Patrice and his friend Catrin for dinner. Catrin spelled the Welsh way. She’s from Paris.

So there it was; midday hot and I’m cooking Spag Bol, I mean ragu, for a couple of Frenchies with a big box sitting on the sofa. The printer. And I’ve got Netflix going on, because the new season of Cobra Kai has come out.

The girls laugh when it’s on. ‘Why do they talk so dramatically? No one talks like this in real life.’

I swat them away. ‘Because it’s Cobra Kai. And it’s tongue-in-cheek, but it kind of isn’t too.’

They raise their eyebrows. ‘That doesn’t make sense.’

I smile. ‘Time for you to go to the dentist.’

I checked the printer then. I was about to open it, when something stopped me. I googled the reviews. ‘Great printer, no wireless function.’

Urghh. No wireless function. When Jack and the girls came back from the dentist with beautifully white teeth (well, let’s not get too excited – we are British), we borrowed Patrice’s car again and went back to Citi Shop to return the unopened printer.

‘We won’t refund. We only exchange,’ they told Jack.

I slithered away. I could tell what was coming. Five minutes later, they refunded. No one tirades like Jack. Except for this one guy actually, who I met in Best Buy in Fort Lauderdale. He was a doctor – and a brutal tirader. They gave him an amazing deal on a MacBook Air and I happened to be buying one too, so I got the same deal. Love that guy. In fairness, Citi Shop did tell us the printer used wireless printing.

Afterwards, we took the same MacBook Air I bought in Florida which still has Apple Care and actually only has it because I could afford it since that doctor got us such a good deal – to the FedEx Office. That wasn’t such a good deal. Is it bad that I hope it needs lots of work done?

Finally, at the end of the day, hot and bothered with no swim, no shower and a quick rustle up of brownies and salad – the Frenchies came for dinner, and loved it. Spag Bol.

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