Our Videographer

So the videographer is having a good day.

He keeps looking at his phone. Muttering things like, ‘People really like this video,’ and, ‘Huh.’

I stop to watch him. ‘It is a good one, isn’t it?’

He looks up. ‘Why do you think everyone likes it so much?’

I stop. ‘Sea turtles, seahorses. What’s not to like?’

Urghh. If I had asked the same question about my blog entry and received the reply, ‘You know: words. They all mesh together.’ Not sure I’d have been so grateful.

Jack makes a few video posts a week on average for our Quest page. He says it helps him to keep a log of the total number of dives. That’s how they’re named. The videos themselves are collated clips – selected out from lots of raw footage.

But Jack in fairness, he just shrugged philosophically. ‘Yeah, that’s true.’ Turtles. Seahorses.

We went our usual way on Quest then, kind of avoiding each other while sharing the same space. We’ve almost perfected the art of living in a small space in this way. I’m even tempted to say if placed in a prison cell, all four of us would take a corner. Already organised.

The division of jobs comes with it. I take (most of) the above water pics. Write the blog. Jack meanwhile, he does the underwater movies. He’s really good at it too.

Isn’t surprising to me. He’s always had a seriously patient knack underwater. The camera makes him even more patient, and those fish like him for it. He has a natural feel for light and composition.

Twenty years ago in Wales, he had a nice underwater camera. Big, external flash. He was old school about it. Used to invite us to watch his slide shows. I hadn’t been to an actual slide show since my English grandpa used to show off his holiday snaps to France – in 1986. I will never forget the look on Jack’s dad’s face as he came over to ours, and it turned out to be a slide show evening. Hehe.

So, videography now with a GoPro Hero 8, different filters and a couple of cool modifications. Our videographer is in his element. And yesterday’s dive was indeed a good one. If it were me, I’d be pointing the camera; focusing on coral limestone deposit in its amazing, geometric living form.

Yawn. Jack says, ‘You gotta go for the fish, the moving stuff.’

I nod. Poor, underrepresented coral. It’s true. They don’t move.

We’d gone off the back of Quest. Generally, we’ve stopped diving off Quest so much. The plan was to go to Buddy’s site, since the reef there is healthier overall. More fish life. It’s probably our fault – all these yachts all lined up together.

It was getting late though – so in the end, we just jumped off the back of the boat. And what a dive! Turtles and seahorses. Our wonderful videographer caught it all.


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