Savour and Study

We watched the movie Ride Like a Girl last night. Some on SY Quest watched it for a third time, but this was only my first time watching it. We bought it last year from our main movie man, Jason in Barbados.

It took a little while to set the projector up. It feels like ages since we put a movie up on Quest’s projector screen. Quest’s projector screen being a piece of vinyl tablecloth we bought from a haberdashery in Antigua – and velcro-glued to the saloon wall. No expense spared for Questie.

Why not so many movies anymore? We upped our data allowance with French Digicel and joined most of the rest of the world watching series. Every night for example, Jack disappears into the front cabin with an iPad and headphones to watch some drama. Suits, Lucifer – something along these crime/legal/drama lines. Whenever he takes them off, you catch the dialogue. It’s… deep and… pausey.

Me? I like comedy. I discovered the stand-up specials on Netflix. I’ve realised stand-up is a genre to be studied and savoured like a student. Trevor Noah, Chris Rock, Ali Wong, Wanda Sykes. The list goes on and on. It can be pure, narrative genius.

Going to watch stand-up live has now joined my post-pandemic bucket list. This is the ‘normal things we took for granted before the pandemic’ list. Or ‘the things we didn’t do much at all until we suddenly couldn’t’ list. After this is over, we are definitely going to do them. Pandemics definitely make lists more fun for me.

I’ve been re-watching Brooklyn 99 over the last couple of weeks. We heard the latest, seventh series has just been released on Netflix – so it spurred us on to watch it again. It’s really fun to with the girls. They go around, quoting the jokes for days. I’ve found it even richer to watch Brooklyn 99 the second time round. I’m considering downloading it for the Atlantic crossing and watching it again – for the night watches. I mean, who needs the stars?

For me, Brooklyn 99 has such a harmonious balance of characters. Some of its comedy is caricature perhaps, but the narrative pushes it forward just enough so it doesn’t stay still long enough to be annoying. Bloggy tv critic. Noice. Hehe. Completely getting sucked in.

Still, it was back to the vinyl big screen last night with Ride Like a Girl – the Australian true story of the first and as yet, only female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup. It was directed by the wonderful Australian actress Rachel Griffiths. That’s where she’s been! Haven’t seen her for a while.

It stars too the actual brother of the winning female jockey, Michelle Payne. Her brother, Stevie has Downs Syndrome and works in the stables as a strapper. I didn’t realise until the end of the movie – but Stevie plays himself in Ride Like a Girl. It was an amazing reveal. I’m going to have to watch it again now. And again. And download it. And go meet him in real life. Oh boy. This list is growing.

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