Lockdown Number 3

Bonaire is going into lockdown again. Sigh. After a number of cases in the last couple of days – including some in a GP doctor’s surgery, the lockdown news came through quickly here. In a strange way, it’s a relief to hear it. Once case numbers hike up, there is an almost familiar dread. And a sort of resignation. Let’s get this thing started already.

All non-essential shops close after tomorrow. This includes one of our fave shops – the drogist. We pronounce drogist in a Russian accent. I’m sure it’s not supposed to be. We just enjoy it. Sounds like something out of Dracula.

Of course, the drogist is anything but gothically sinister. It is a light and airy store. It is the Dutch equivalent as a US drug store. It isn’t the same as a UK-based version either, for example Boot’s. It doesn’t have an attached pharmaceutical service. For this, you need to go to an actual pharmacy here, which only sells medicine in small, disheartening hatch windows. For beauty products and over the counter medicine, you go to the drogist. I vont to suck your blood.

It makes the store kind of useless, but at the same time very useful. A strange paradox. I can’t quite figure it out. They do sell a dizzying amount of creams and soaps, as well as vitamins and interesting anomalies like paracetamol suppositories.

I discovered this by accident, by buying them. I’d confused them with paracetamol tablets – everything being written in Dutch. Considering how close Holland is located to the UK, they share a suprisingly few number of common words. You really need Google Translate if you don’t want to mess up at the drogist. Sometimes I have to admit – I do like the guessing. And yes, I had to try the suppository – for pure curiosity. Once you work in a hospital, the place never leaves you.

Anyhow, considering this island only has a population of just less than 20,000 people, it is amazing the see the sheer number of face washes. shampoos and serum sprays in the drogist. It reminds me a bit of Poland, where the business of cosmetics is taken very seriously. Indeed, there are even some Polish products here. I get away without Google Translate for these. My Polish grandma used to buy me a lot of different creams.

Anyhow, I’m drifting off-course. Since the drogist will close after tomorrow, we’ll go and stock-up before it does. Paracetamol. Not the suppository kind. Really it didn’t compare with the tablet form. Face wash, shower gel. Foot spray? We could – after all, they have lots of kinds. Who knows what will happen to our feet during lockdown.

Last week we went to the drogist and there were some goats loitering outside. Told you the drogist was excellent. What was that, goats? No mask, no entry! No nail polish for you Nanny goat. You’ll have to wait. Lockdown number 3, here we come.

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