The Island Goes Cruising

Bonaire’s strict phase of lockdown finally eased on the weekend. Suddenly, the shops are open again. The evenings are busy too. Not quite motorcycle gangs down the promenade, but still people. The Brazilian bar opposite Quest has bums on seats, watching the sunset. And at night, we hear music. Music!

It’s a pastime here to drive around the island, especially in the evenings. With the curfew lifted, it’s funny to see Kralendijk’s promenade get jammed up once more with traffic. Like the little island all wants to come together. With the cars, you get people chatting, horns going, brake lights adding colour. And music. And those crazy motorcyclists. Delph is definitely sold on the idea that Bonnie should be one of the motorcyclists. They are tough-looking – especially the three-wheeler guy.

Peaceful, quirky Bonaire. This little coral rock has taught us a lot about how to live. It is harder to be self-sufficient on islands such as these. Because of their isolation, they’re often at the mercy of economies. Of supplies and costs. At the same time, the joy is palpable. You don’t need a lot if you live on Bonaire. Warm sea and sunshine does count.

Bonnie took me out this afternoon. I grabbed a lift to the drogist from the dinghy dock to buy some toothpaste. Then we went cruising. We went to the big hardware store, Kooyman’s. Bonnie is having work done to her new bungalow. She needs edges for her tiles, a a laundry sink and a counter top.

She’s taken me to her bungalow already. It was the first time I stepped into anyone’s house for a year – that isn’t floating. It was one of those, ‘people have stuff’ moments. Like they have sofas. Sideboards. Patios.

After the hardware store, we went to the main electrical store on Bonaire. Bonnie bought her washing machine and her fridge-freezer for her new bungalow. I was proud to be with her. It was exciting! She had the grand choice of two different models of fridge – the one with the ice dispenser. Then washing machines. She had more choice here and got a sweet, 8kg LG front loader.

I stroked her display washing machine. Couldn’t help it. It has a timer and a enough settings to wash things in a hundred different ways.

‘Love my washing machine,’ I murmured, thinking of my Bosch back at home. It’s true. I do.

Bonnie looked at me. ‘The one on the boat?’

I looked at her and down at my feet. Yeah, that washing machine. We both started laughing. Who has feet for a washing machine?

After her big purchase, Bonnie and I strolled through a chi-chi furniture store next door. Then we went out for ice cream. Bonnie’s treat. And we saw her motorcycle on the way back to the car. Oh Bonairu.

I showed Delph Bonnie’s pic when I got back to Quest.

Delph nodded knowingly. ‘All she needs now is a leather jacket.’

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