Shaking Out the Flappy Things

It was a big relief to get the flappy things out. They all still work too – even stained slightly red from the months of Bonairean dust. They’ve been wrapped up neatly on their furlers, but some red has managed to get past the sails’ UV strip and down into the white part. No matter. The rain will wash them off. Then I’ll miss Bonaire dust.

So with flappy things shaken out and lines all in working order, we went around Klein Bonaire. We took turns pointing Quest into the wind on both sides. Making sure she was all ship-shape and happy to lean. I’d had a small chance to tidy up before we started putting Quest on her ear – but there were still a couple of solid crash and bangs as the she fell onto her flanks. Doh. Don’t open the crockery cupboard quickly.

For me, it is always tempting to think of Quest as a equine girl in this way – a white horse riding through the water. After all, Poseidon was chosen to be the Greek God of the sea and horses. Makes sense somehow. And the west coast of Bonaire is calm, perfect for sailing and experimenting without the seas big enough to really clunk you around.

There was just enough turquoise as we approached the shores of Klein. Shall we dive, we thought? All the dive gear was packed away below – but we did have the place to ourselves and time to spare. Before we knew it, we gravitated to a yellow dive buoy. Made a human chain with the gear.

The dive site turned out to be Mi Dushi, Papiamientu for My Sweetheart. We’d dived Mi Dushi before – one of our very first dives. I remember I had so much expectation with what I would see then. Not much it turned out.

Klein Bonaire is strange like that. Being situated a further out from the main island of Bonaire, you’d think it’d have even more life on its fringing reef. Often though, we’ve found it more bare than the mainland. Like where do the fish go? Anybody home?? But a big hammerhead shark was spotted there a couple of weeks ago – so who knows. It’s another seacret 🤓. As Bonnie, my fave dive instructor says, Klein is either amazing or meh. Nothing in between.

It felt nice to just get in. Definitely more familiar with jumping off the boat then actually sailing it. We’re not worried about this. Not really.

‘By the time we get to the Azores, we’ll be back in the sailing groove,’ Jack said, only half-serious. I think these words are about right.

Me personally, I’m looking forward to that moment. We’re looking at about two weeks before we head off. Waiting for some south in the wind. If not, it’s going to be a something of a wild ride. Questie’s gonna gallop.

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