It was 7pm and time to chill out. The day had started with Delph and maths class, then administrative duties – setting up my email in a data-compressing app which will be compatible with our satellite internet box, the Iridium Go. For this, I needed to generate a third-party specific password. It was touch and go for a while. Maths with Delph was much more fun.

We also managed to finally get in touch with our internet provider, Digicel. We have contracts for three monthly Digicel data SIM cards – which originate from Martinique. It’s easy to forget how awesome they have been. After all, before we bought them, we had to buy separate SIM cards from each island nation – and they were usually much more expensive. Then French Digicel brought out a deal where their SIM cards were comparable on almost every Caribbean island, piggybacking onto each Digicel service. Hooray! It’s been a huge savings of time and money.

But try cancelling these contracts. We have written four emails and called the helpline number over the last couple of weeks. We were told someone would call us back. Hmm. I plugged into their text support yesterday. Straight away, the Digicel agent wrote back. In French and then in English.

‘Yes, Mrs Ormerod, we received your messages and wrote you back – twice.’

My fingers twitched. You did?

‘Yes, your contracts will end at the beginning of June.’

I thanked the agent and checked my mail again. There was nothing. Not even in junk. Oh well.

We managed to sneak in a dive yesterday too, with Jack and I and Delph. Over at Buddy’s reef in the dinghy. No dolphins (how do you top that??) but a shipwreck at the bottom of the reef which looks like a large, curled slipper.

Lu went to freediving club as normal. That is one of the coolest things on Bonaire. Twice a week, 20 bucks a month and Lu trains with a world champion on DeepSea’s permanent platform. And the freedivers on Bonaire too – who come from all different walks of life. Yesterday, an older gentlemen called Val came back to the club. Lu last saw him when she first started.

Yesterday he told her how much she’d improved.

‘Yes,’ she told us, ‘I said it’s definitely been a difference since the beginning. But he said, “No, I don’t mean from the beginning. I mean from last week!” She giggled. ‘Which was a little strange.’

So, it was 7pm and time to chill out. The sun had fallen fast and daylight turned off. But wait. Jack had borrowed the rust bucket for the evening to say good bye to some friends. And I’d heard there had been a delivery to the supermarket. Exciting, because for a couple weeks now, we’ve seen no part-baked bread. Part-baked bread goes quickly here, perhaps because it’s so nice. Bagels and Turkish bread, wholemeal pittas and even sausage rolls.

So, 7pm and tired, but if there’s been a delivery it won’t last. And it might not be in again anytime soon. With this, I moved my legs. Back to bipedal. To the supermarket.

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