One Very Small Step

We are one small step closer to the high seas – by being in the marina. I know; it doesn’t make much sense. I woke up this morning completely puddled for example. I was sure we were somewhere else, not even on Quest. Nope. Just that Quest was as still as the ground.

What a dock we are tied to though. Marvis from Harbour Village Marina has very kindly let us use the super yacht dock – officially for a couple of days, or unless a super yacht suddenly turns up. Pesky super yachts.

It has a big advantage on the super yacht dock that you can drive the car right up to the boat. With this, we went off and bought two hundred litres of bottled water. Bringing it back to Quest was a doddle. We also stripped the sheets and shoved all the towels in our old IKEA laundry bags.

This is the part which slightly shocked me. I realised that I haven’t used an actual washing machine since Martinique… January 2020. No way. My feet have done all the work since then? Sometimes you get little shocks which make you wonder if you should feel ashamed by not being as ‘civilised’ as land-living. Or whether you should be proud of it. To be honest, I feel a bit of both.

It’s a bit like using the warm shower at Wannadive. It is so luxurious – and so basic – I sometimes wonder if we will get caught forever when we go back to land – or if we should stay away for this very reason. Perhaps land-living is too comfortable. Like a cat in a trap.

But man, that washing machine. We dropped off our laundry and came back at 3pm as told by the lady who works there. It is the cleanest laundry facility I have ever been to. The machines are the same as the ones in Peakes boatyard in Trini.

‘Look, Lu, these are the same dryers you used to hide in!’

‘Oh yeah!’ Lu said, her eyes lighting up. ‘I did like used to like hiding in those dryers.’

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