How Many Days?

4,380. That’s how many days Delphine has been on this planet. 5,110: Lulu. Me? 16,060. Over three times more than my kids.. while Jack’s about 700 more.

Delph worked it out. This is another part of her love for time she’s exploring. Delph discovered my mum was on the planet for about 10,000 days before I turned up. That puts things into perspective. And my grandma who we call the toddler now for her childlike behaviour? She’s just cleared 33,580. I’m not counting leap years either, so you could add a few more.

To be honest, a lot of elements of time don’t mean too much to me. I have to know it so I’m not late for things, but I’ve never had much respect for it. Until you see what you haven’t done for a large proportion of these days. No writing for 8,000 or so days. Which means for 8,000 days I can’t go back and laugh at myself. I can’t laugh at the things I thought were serious at the time. Compared to what I know now were actually serious. Besides the little things we’d forgotten, perspective is often humorous – or I’m hoping it will be in about 8,000 days.

I’m making up for it today. And tomorrow. The day after. The truth is today my head is as empty as cirrus. I’ve spent far too much recent time thinking about the Jane and Rafael dynamic. Will they get back together again? Yep, I’m telenovela in. I’ve even had a look at Twitter’s #teamrafael – and when I’ve looked, well, a couple of hours can go somewhere fast.

Why am I so interested? It’s Justin Baldoni’s characterisation of Rafael which has been the clincher for me. This guy is good. I want to call him my new hero, but generally speaking, unless men are in it for the purely good cause (Yes, you Brian Stevenson), I don’t tend to go hero-searching with the boys.

So, is it a crush? Jane the Virgin has definitely got me with the romance. The way Rafael’s character has been written with kindness, a predilection for going dark and a long-standing hopefulness that his relationship with Jane will work out… well, you know. And then, when you watch Justin Baldoni’s TED talk, you really feel it – Justin Baldoni has shaped Rafael’s character with his own real-life definition of the gentle-hearted man he wants to be. This is a bold shade of genius. He makes you consider how open male kindness is not valued enough in our society.

When we first started watching JTV (Delph’s acronym), it was very clear how Jane was set apart by her honesty. The only other characters who prided themselves on honesty in Season 1 were her grandmother, who persuaded her to hold on to her virginity until marriage and Rafael, the cancer-surviving, reformed playboy. I mean, this is a telenovela..

As the seasons have unfolded, things have got even more complicated. Now we’ll wait and see. In the meantime, I’m keeping myself distracted by my writing – since I have a lot of days to make up for. Plus, Delph and I are still catching up – we’re only 2/3 of the way through season two. When I asked her if she’s #TeamMichael or #TeamRafael – she says she’s neither. She says she’s not on anyone’s team. A reflection of her 4,380 days? I hope we can look back on this and laugh!

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