Keep Moving

Mission accomplished – science camp, Apple Store. Pick up cousin Chloe and head back to Borth. Five-hour drive, squint down the M40. Hmm, maybe I’ll go to the opticians… next year. It’s all downhill from there.

But wait! London was the last thing we needed to do before getting serious about packing. For now, it’s time to get serious. Packing. Sorting. Tidying. And not forgetting anything – not a single thing. Without making a list?

I wasn’t looking forward to it. This bit is scary. I’d rather hide in the corner and tap away on this laptop than get down to work.

One of the best things we did last week was visit the Diana Memorial Fountain. Hyde Park, turn right at the Serpentine. I remember when it first opened and loads of people broke bones, slipping as they tried to navigate their way through the water. It’s a fountain you can walk through, a big circle of water. I remember they had to close it and spend months grooving ridges into the granite so it wouldn’t be slippery any more. Well, I can tell you dear reader that it’s not slippy at all. In fact, it’s pretty wonderful.

We took our shoes and socks off. Lined the shoes up on the grass next to the fountain. There were a lot of people walking through it in different stages of dress. Some had come well prepared with swimming costumes and towels, others stripped back to their knickers. We rolled our trousers up. I had a spare pair of shorts for Chloe which she happily put on.

‘Can we leave our rucksacks by our shoes?’ Chloe ventured.

Although most people seemed like tourists and mellow locals, I shook my head. Better not to. So we tied them on our backs and stepped in. We waded through the calm, deeper part and splashed against the current with faster flow. The uphill sections were safe to walk on – the grooved granite rocks made good footholds. And there is something about walking through a circle of water. A circle of water built in tribute to a lady who would definitely have approved. Everybody was having fun. Just about the nicest way of remembering someone as I can imagine. We felt the waterjets bubble against our toes. Made a full circle and came back to our shoes. I sat down. Chloe and Delph took their rucksacks off and put them down next to me.

‘Can we go again?’


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