Plane Update

Ok, plane food wasn’t too bad. It was the old chicken or beef question. Lu went chicken, we went beef. Plane beef always looks like the bottom of a shoe to me – maybe it even comes from the bottom of a shoe – but it was soft and tasty to chew. Decent potatoes alongside too. And sauce. We definitely ate all the cookies. Sweet, chewy ones.

So, not too bad overall. Except for the in-flight entertainment. Going back to two working entertainment channels on a tiny screen is painful. Especially when they’re rolling channels with no choice or playback. Everyone on the plane literally groaned after we took off. ‘This plane sucks,’ an American muttered behind us. I grinned. I’d forgotten how succinct Americans can be.

The microcosm of the plane journey is something to behold. The attractive Spanish stewardesses have slunk off after service finished. Only a few bumps of turbulence so far. The British guy in front is marvelling to his friend how this Boeing 777 is twenty years old and flies across the Atlantic twice, everyday. Thanks, mate.

Five hours to go. Everyone’s got into their groove. Without constant entertainment choices, people are taking time out. Both the girls have had naps so far. Jack too. I’ve had one. Almost ready for another. Went to the bathroom too – and quickly.

Oh and the suitcases! Back at Gatwick, all five were 2-3kg over 20kgs, Grandpa’s fishing scales being slightly out. Oops. Thankfully the suitcases were sucked up the hold anyhow. Going to have to figure something out though for strict Jet Blue flight on Friday. They wouldn’t let me a leaf over 20kg last time I flew to Trini. The check-in staff today were more interested how we were only flying one way to America. We had to show them Quest’s boat papers as proof we weren’t going to disappear into the Florida swamps.

We’ve been left with that ‘no-going back’ feeling. We’ve finally left the UK. Not much to do right now on this flight – except write. Not going to lie. 😊

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