Book Writing

I’ve been thinking of a new book idea. Why? Planes do that to me. Maybe because I enjoy reading on planes. And we just watched the cheesiest disaster movie ever. We were literally a captive audience. The other movie had Kevin Costner in it – who, not going to lie – I quite like, but had no idea what was going on in his movie.

I could follow the disaster one. There are two scientists, spicily in love. Until the man scientist realises the Earth is undergoing a catastrophic reverse in its magnetic polarity. The woman scientist has all the sway with the politicians but she won’t help him spread his findings. Huh. I guess she must not love his mind as much as his body. And how can only he know that? Surely another scientist in the world of scientists would also figure this slightly enormous fact out.

Anyway, small sweat aside. Buff scientist goes off and buys a boat – just at the right time it turns out. The flooding caused by said reversal in Earth’s polarity doesn’t work out so well. Luckily, female scientist turns up at his boat and he saves her. I’m not sure I would have if I was him, since she didn’t believe him in the first place. My spiteful twist would have = plot killer though. As it stands, they sail off to large Hadron collider. Luckily that thing isn’t underwater.

Overall, I found this film had an unusually large amount of talking – for all the action  going on. Very basic disaster footage. Someone didn’t pay the CGI team much. But it was perfect B-movie plane stuff. And it got me thinking about writing a book.

Uh-uh. Game show losing sound. That’s generally how I feel about writing books. 

Why? I’ve written two books so far. For me, the first part is euphoric. Your initial idea finds a narrative. It’s like idea and narrative fall in love. So cute. Then the slog takes over. The next goal is to actually finish the book. You may think this would be the final part. I wouldn’t blame you either – I certainly did. Until I discovered it wasn’t.

If you’re like me, when you finish the book you are in fact just beginning. Yep. After you finish, the re-editing takes over. You give the book to people. They give advice. In response, you cut, you add, you chop and change.

You end up feeling as though your characters are little puppets. Which is sad because at the beginning, your characters had their own lives. You were just breathing life into them. Very romantic. Now your writing hands are getting tangled in the puppet string.

This made me love and hate writing in equal measure. Until exhaustion set in. Then came the ‘never wanting to see the book again’ part. But because you’ve slogged countless nights and suffered days, you feel you deserve redemption. Fool’s gold.

You start to believe redemption for your hard work can come through just one divine form – the book deal. So you prostrate yourself in front of total strangers – people you may or may not like if you ever meet them – but of course you won’t, because none of them like your book. And why not? Because it’s shit. Really, it is. I truly believe that if it was a good book, publishing agents would be interested. They’re not stupid people.

This is why I prefer writing my blog these days. Little, simple blog. None of that drama. It’s just every story needs a journey and every journey needs a quest. So why the sudden book writing temptation? Why would I want to surrender myself to that process again – from amazing, to hard work, to painful, to basically hating myself.

Because I just got another book idea. From watching the disaster movie. Uh-uh. 

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