The Realities of Travel – Part One

Travel makes you feel discombobulated. And some people are better at it than others are. I think they are because they recognise this fact. People who are good at travelling are easier on themselves. When you’re in another place and you’re trying to live like you’re home – that’s when the trouble kicks in.

We’ve been travelling since last Friday. Surrounded by our worldly possessions – and tomorrow we’ll be getting still more. Looks like we’ll definitely be heading to Trini with another suitcase. Up to six now. Will be a miracle if we can slip through the non-declare door at Port-of-Spain customs. 

Meanwhile, we’re trying to find stuff in our cases. Swimming giggles, rash vests, vaseline. Stuff that’s been packed but is impossible to find. All I hear is, ‘Where are my pyjama bottoms… charger… swimming costumes?’

But we’re going. We are doing this. Breathe in. Breathe out. We may have spent about 2K in the last couple of days, but that was expected. We walked The Galleria yesterday. Ubered to strip malls. Stared at electronic devices. Took some of them with us. We are proud owners of a new MacBook laptop, a portable scanner, Windows Office, new lead configurations, a DVD drive, sandals – including two actual sandals for Jack and two pairs for Delph (the first was a mistake on size but good news – our Klo’s got an early birthday present!🥴), swimming trunks and a new handbag.

Lu made her long-awaited trip to Victoria’s Secret too. It was nice to watch. Our knicker queen spent some of her summer-job money. Plus we all got a free pair of knickers just from trying on leggings! We didn’t have to buy them, just try them on. I feel I have to over-explain this. No buy, just try – in America they give stuff away! Well, some stuff. Clever trickery more like.

Today we’re buying boat parts – including filter scoops that will stop the invasion of sargassum weed entering Quest’s inlet and outlets pipes. I’d like boat cushions too – the cute turtle ones I saw last year in the outdoors shop where its sign says you have to leave your guns at the entrance. Of course you can buy new guns inside the store.

And a new suitcase. Not guns, but we have to buy a new case – and tonight I get to pack it all together. Tomorrow we’re out of here. Ahhh. I’m starting to be grateful for this fact. Florida is an enjoyable and laid-back circus of plenty but I want to go home. This time to Questie. Hopefully she’ll be glad to see us – even with all our cases. More ballast, we’ll tell her.

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