I’ve been mooching around in a writing zone for a little while now. Getting about ten views on this WordPress blog every day for around a year now. You know, it’s that kind of blog. If it got twenty views, it was a busy day. Then yesterday, my blog exploded.

What happened? The Crew Questies got involved. I linked this blog to the Facebook group page describing our travels. We went from the usual ten views on WordPress, to twenty, to – what was the total for today’s views? 308. I’ll say that again. 308. Amazing. An exponential rise on the daily stats bar chart – mostly our friends and family. At the same time, I feel like my secret site with my favourite strangers has been uncovered. Whoopsie.

Here’s the thing. The reason I like it quiet is I’ve been practising writing from the heart without thought of writing for an ‘audience’. And I like writing this way. Since I’m staying up and writing late into the night. Finding five minutes there and half-an-hour here. I wanted to do it… yes please, Frank. My way. After all, nobody’s got to read it. Right?

So, back to my 308 new views. A lot of you dear readers are my friends. For this reason, I feel I have to explain some things about this blog – so you know what you’re getting yourselves into. No pressure of course. I just wanted to be clear.

  1. I might moan. You know, complain, bitch, whinge – for me, it’s the whole griping rainbow. I moaned so much in fact that eventually I refused to apologise for it. Apparently, women should stop saying sorry – I heard it on Lainey Gossip. And I love those bitches, so I was in. No more sorry. Writing has made me realise it’s all in the micro-moment. We move on.
  2. I also talk about my family. Like really talk about them. This is where strangers are generally a good bet. Why? Because strangers don’t owe you anything. Strangers can be good friends. After all, no one’s going to read if they’re not enjoying the story. And no one wants to worry the people they love. But at the same time, well, I have to write about my family. So, if I’m writing about them and I sound like I might want to either a. kill them or b. throw myself off a bridge, please don’t worry. Just working through the micro-moment.

Hope that’s ok. Nice to have you beauties on board. Questie, here we come.


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