Proper Hilarious

Lulu is proper hilarious. Of course I already knew that. Ahem. I just forget sometimes. Especially when we haven’t seen much of her for a while and suddenly we’re spending all of our time together. Plus she isn’t so mad about being here as the week’s gone by. More of a resigned sigh here, a distant look there. 

Still, if I ever threaten to cancel and take us all back home (approximately three times so far), she still says ‘Yay’. Not an exclamation mark ‘Yay’, but a quiet, sighing one. Like she’s passed the point of dreaming about it. So that’s where we are. She liked Outdoor World though. She’s also been circling the swimming pool, talking to her friends. That cheers her up no end – and she gets her own space. It’s just taken Jack a few days to get used to. 

‘Why doesn’t she want to hang around us?’ he asked despondently one afternoon at the motel. ‘I feel sorry for Delphine, the way Lu leaves her.’

I looked at Delphine, hanging out two-feet underwater in the pool. Every once in a while, she’d come back up, take a deep breath and go back down again. 

‘I honestly don’t think Delph minds that much,’ I offered.

I’m just glad they’re not arguing, those two. Because anyone who’s spent more than ten minutes with us can attest to that. And I’m not into them getting me into the thick of their arguments these days. Both snitching on each other and hoping I dish out some discipline. Well, three can play at that game.

What I had forgotten was how funny they were with each other. And don’t think that Delph can’t dish. In fact, she’s the crueler one. She verbally hits Lu when she isn’t expecting it. Lu hits back harder, but never really starts it. Jack struggles to catch this dynamic, but it’s true. Grandpa, on the other hand, had it figured out since day one. Boy, I miss him.

As we were in Fort Lauderdale airport this morning, negotiating our way through check-in, I saw the long, long queue piled up for security. 

‘Delph,’ I said, ‘do you mind if we use your blue badge?’ 

We did it before at Fort Lauderdale airport. Unlike Gatwick airport, which has different forms of disability assistance, Fort Lauderdale has one only – wheelchair assistance. 

Delph sighed. She’d wept last time in Fort Lauderdale airport – silently in the wheelchair. It was upsetting. I had a feeling she’d do the same thing again today. Indeed, we hadn’t even got through passport control. Red eyes, quivering mouth – Delph cries like an old-fashioned Disney princess. All you want to do is wrap your Price Charming arms around her. Stealthy, disabled kid move. 😊

Jack hadn’t experienced the wheelchair crying before. He’d gone ahead of us to Trinidad last time. Understandably, he found it disturbing now. He wanted to bail before we’d even gone through passport control. We tried to cheer her up to no avail.

Then Lulu said in her awesome, Mid-Welsh twang, ‘Not going to lie, Delphine. You get to sit down and be pushed around. Why the f*** are you crying?’ 

And Delph stopped crying. Just like that. She became fully in charge – told us what we could and couldn’t do with her wheelchair. Arranged bags, took them off again. Proper hilarious. Thanks to Lu. 

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